Used Cars Phoenix Video owner tells about how he has continued to gain loyal customers over the years. Honesty and integrity to his used car customers has given him a solid reputation as a local Phoenix car dealer for over 20 years. He wont sell you a car he would not put his family in. Check out his website for Trucks, SUVs and Autos. Auto Trader welcom


  1. John Halfacre says:

    I have purchased cars from them in the past and was very happy. Even my wife was happy : )

    Thanks? for the great cars!

  2. Amanda Dinne says:

    This was? a great video. I will go check out your selection very soon. I need a car bad!

  3. Margie Swatters says:

    I have to? say that they have the best deals on used cars in Phoenix! I have purchased a very nice car and was more than happy. I give them an A++++