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This WebRidesTV video is a commercial made by Honda to showcase the Honda Accord. It is a two minute video that shows Honda Accord parts interacting with each other similar to a Rube Goldberg machine.
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  1. I’m pretty sure you meant dictionary…
    And my, you are such a hypocrite. I doubt any amount of logic and factual proof would ever change what you already? think.

  2. jogeryjogo says:

    Perhaps a thesaurus would help you understand words before you were dumb enough to say them. And I’m sure Reddit and those other basement dwellers told you this was all real, but? that’s because they are the dumbest most inbred retards in the world and they will never believe anything contrary to what they already thingk.

  3. kwark1223 says:

    A bit? of googling on your facts will make you a better person, good sir.

  4. jogeryjogo says:

    And why is that random retard who believes everything he? is told?

  5. kwark1223 says:

    God damn internet,? you’re fucking stupid…
    mighty hypocritical I’d say.

  6. Winston Salinas says:

    well your 1% is actually right, sucks.

    it took over 600 takes to? do this

  7. afsdavidchina says:

    what’s the name of? the song at the end?

  8. Thats likely because this is an old video. I saw it online before YouTube was even around so its likely the compression rate is huge. Look around a bit, im sure you can find some behind the scenes stuff. I know its out there. They? only used digitall effects to stitch it together at one part because the warehouse wasnt long enough for it all to happen in one go.

  9. You serious? The textures on some stuff looks like CG to me…
    Well, I’m no expert. But if it is real, then? it is freaking Schweet.

  10. sherleyolarrabeel says:

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  11. SupermarketSweep777 says:

    actually the part at :55 to 1:00 contains CGI, but this is only because the builders could not find a studio big enough to hold the entire setup, so they did it in two parts? and connected them.

  12. Dude, theres behind the scenes docs made on? this commercial.

  13. They did a documentary on it. Zero CG. just practical effects and patience. Just like the original Man your man? can smell like commercial

  14. Luisa Pietrini says:

    the original idea? comes from the “der Lauf der Dinge” of Fischli and Weiss

  15. BuilderofthePie says:

    Very cool, chain reaction stuff is always? cool.

  16. too bad I’m 99% sure? it’s CGI

  17. sarash1421 says:

    ????? ?? ???? ??????

  18. DominikmikXD says:


  19. fairportfan2 says:

    Wrong. No trick photography? at all.

  20. Zachary Keller says:

    Best car commercial? ever!

  21. 12heyhowsyourmom says:


  22. 12heyhowsyourmom says:

    It took? then millions of dollars to make this and they didn’t even make the cat

  23. jogeryjogo says:

    Big? fucking deal, this whole thing was done with CGI and you retards from Reddit are dumb enough to actually believe its real.

  24. DraygnMusic says:

    You’re partially right. It’s actually made up from 4 sequences, stitched together because the place they were filming was too small. But, there was no other? special effects used.