Used Car Maryland 2009 Hyundai Sonata For Sale MD Inspected

… off the press and ready for you to drive away! – This is one super nice 2009 Hyundai Sonata….clean as a pin, good miles for the year, non smoking interior that is spotless, odorless and a nice place to be in no matter where you plan on being! – Just passed the MD Inspection, runs and drives perfectly. Equipment includes power windows, mirrors, locks, cruise control, Air Conditioning and AM/FM/CD Player. EZ on gas and fun to drive – Call 800 655 3764 today.
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Lexus IS 250 - CarMD Used Car Review and Rating

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  1. Bizarre. Resale is actually quite? good as the Lexus reliability helps them hold value. Really strange to fail so badly at your purpose!

  2. akshayas1986 says:

    For a two year old IS250, $21000 sounds about right …….. for a salvage title car!!?

  3. yea dude thats a good? price for a good car

  4. I see? one here 48 k miles $19,900 …should I go for it?

  5. I just paid 21k for 50k miles picking? it up today

  6. bibidybobady says:

    yea, i’m thinking i’d pay 21k for a 2 year old is250 w/30k miles on it in a heartbeat! show me? where they sell for that!

  7. longmayurun58 says:

    This dude is on drugs!? Check out the (resale) cost in California!

  8. He mentions something that nobody else mentions…reliability! the cost of ownership is something everybody “should” be thinking about when buying and keeping a car, what will it run you down the line to keep it going…I have an older 3 series with a ton of miles and its still solid but the small things are getting to me, small things that a lexus wouldnt have issues with. Mechanically, the 2.5L engine offers enough for me, if you want speed get a V8. Lexus created a sleeper and a? reliable one!

  9. @TheAnabolicMutation Just because? you can’t afford it…

  10. $21,000 for two year old IS250 with 30,000 miles? Absolutely NO WAY. Note even close. Looking at more like $30,000 or more unless No? options.