Tips How To Buy A Used Car PART 1

Part 1 of Part 2.


  1. whyusomeme says:

    I’m hopefully get a 1999 f150, it is like yours, only green, and it has side steps, electric Windows, 220 000? kms, most of these slightly older f150s are worth $3000 or less.

  2. iDoReviews15 says:

    On my Taurus you have to push? the stick forward for the hi beams to stay on, pulling it forward triggers the “flash to pass”.

  3. salam said says:

    thanks a lot

  4. autoauctionsvideo says:

    If most people would have watched this video before buying a car it? would have saved them a bundle!

  5. MsElly101 says:

    Nice video!?

  6. Gary Wegrzyn says:

    blow by nothing? to worry about right

  7. americannovice1 says:

    I’m from Hawaii. What’s all that white stuff all over the ground and on the? cars?

  8. Nelson Sin says:

    I love u sir!!!! GREAT? VID

  9. jaagitthe says:

    Really nice? jobs..

  10. johar qureshi says:

    very very? good job.

  11. steven hannah says:

    Very? good Video.

  12. OnDUBzProductions says:

    you check trany fluid? running…… except for a honda

  13. i hade to replase a fuel pump in holden gas tank it? sux

  14. Richard Majors says:

    It was really helpful to me thank you? now i know what to do

  15. you know.. i didn’t? need to watch this, i was just curious… I wanted to close the video but the Canadian accent made me stay.. 😛

  16. that was? really helpful, thank you!

  17. OldeHabits says:

    lol “thats not good”…. good job man. you’re? a funny guy and you know your shit. keep it up

  18. Hussein Yassein says:

    good? job man <<<,,

  19. kulykski123 says:

    lol you push the light thing forward for the high? beams to stay on

  20. anthony puckett says:

    fix or repair Dayle ?

  21. Kiril Cvetkov says:

    You’re very knowledgeable, dude. Some of the things you? said rang a huge bell since I’m driving a crappy old car. I’ll be going out for a car shopping now so thanks for the info

  22. notmycupotea says:

    Push indicator foward, brights will? stay on.

  23. Nevets Stenson says:

    dude you are the? man! Thanks so much

  24. who does the inspection when u want one? do u do it yourself? or does the guy thats selling it 2 you do? it?

  25. unboxingguru1 says:

    why wast money on a ford it? stands for Found On Road Dead