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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

Facebook Home was unveiled today.

Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment on this story.

We can consider FACEBOOK Home: The Next Generation. It takes Facebook and their users to the next level. While this is a great idea and a hot new interface, and while it will be a big success with many Facebook users, it is not for everyone. This will be attractive to one slice of the wireless pie. This also opens the door to other companies to develop their own home page as well. According to Wireless analyst Jeff Kagan.

In fact I can see the next level of service, being multiple home pages, letting users switch between them for all the companies they currently do business with. This idea of Facebook Home is a great starting point for the next generation of wireless for every company. Talk about a way to extend and build the brand. Says Principal analyst Kagan.

Some users will want to have Facebook as their primary focus. Some won’t. It may be part of what they do every day, but most people don’t use Facebook all day, every day. And most are not interested in a full time, always-on commitment to Facebook.

But still this is an interesting starting point. For those who want a full time, always on connection to Facebook, this could be just what they are looking for. And this is the first version of this Facebook Home. It will grow over time and become more popular.

While I think Home will be a success, I don’t think the majority of wireless users will be interested in this full time, always on, Facebook connection. Maybe a part time connection would work for many users. Says Kagan.

This does open the door to other companies creating their own similar home page experiences. This could trigger another big wave of competitors with their own home pages. That would be very interesting to watch develop over the next couple years.

This will help Facebook continue to grow. Facebook tried mobile a year or two ago. They partnered with HTC and had a Facebook button on the bottom of a handset. It was not successful.

However, since then Facebook has been expanding their business and making acquisitions. The key challenge is stitching all this together. Mobile sounds like a great way to do that. Put everything together under one Home page.

Mobile is a revolution in industry after industry. Today we never leave the house without our wallet, car keys and wireless phone. Tomorrow, perhaps we can just carry our Smartphone and leave the rest behind. Tomorrow our smart phone will act as keys to our car and cash or credit card and identification and pictures in our wallet.

This is only the beginning for Facebook in mobile. I expect this to grow and change over time. Facebook will work with a wide variety of Android phones, starting with HTC and Samsung. These will be sold on AT&T Mobility.

Bottom line; This is a brilliant idea for Facebook users who want Facebook up front in their life. For everyone else, they won’t be interested in this full time commitment. If Facebook let’s the user choose which screen they want as their home screen, and change as they want, then that would welcome a wider audience group.

I think this is the way the smart phone world will migrate. Many companies offering their own home screen like Facebook Home. And the user can either choose one, or migrate between their favorites. That will be exciting to watch develop over time. Says Jeff Kagan telecom analyst.

This could be a good start for Facebook. And this will grow over time. As will others as well. Other companies will like this idea and work toward this too.

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