Sunday Drivers bring smiles to seniors

Sunday Drivers bring smiles to seniors
He just asked around to a few owners of classic cars he knew of and by word of mouth the message spread that Thompson was looking for classic car owners and classic car clubs to bring their cars and drive a car full of seniors around on a tour.
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Would you pay 00 for Halloween decorations?
"I physically can't do it — I'm not a handy guy to begin with, and this would take a homeowner a month to put up anyway," said Mr. French, the 48-year-old owner of a Chicago-based staffing company, explaining why he started hiring Holiday Creations …
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Duly Noted: HS football team turns to drone for filming action (Video)
Oct. 24 (Bloomberg) — Alberto Ades, co-head of global economics at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, joins the Surveillance team in examining Amazon's third-quarter loss and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos' strategy of investing heavily in the company.
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Cheapest Auto Insurance Policies for New Drivers Now Quoted at Automotive Website

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) July 31, 2014

New motor vehicle owners who have obtained a license to drive for the first time will be required to purchase a car insurance policy. The Quotes Pros company has setup its national platform to locate some of the cheapest auto insurance policies for new drivers in the U.S. at http://quotespros.com/auto-insurance.html.

The drivers who are interested in using the system to find a less expensive insurance plan will be asked to enter a zip code to sort the providers by state. This makes it easier for a first-time driver to connect with companies that are providing discounts aside from the regular published rates online.

“A policy that is discounted through our system is provided direct from a known company and no vehicle details are needed for a base price delivery,” said a Quotes Pros source.

The new driver plans are now mixed in the database with the existing plans for adults to review for a number of coverage options. The state minimum coverage that most drivers select can be maximized by reviewing full coverage options. Annual and monthly prices for each plan can be displayed using the system.

“Saving money when buying auto insurance is a popular goal for drivers and our one-touch system is helping to deliver cost savings by zip code,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros website is now connected to companies in all 50 U.S. states that provide insurance quotes. The delivery of pricing for automotive related coverage plans is in combination to the life, health and renters insurance coverage that is explored at http://quotespros.com/renters-insurance.html.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com company offers low cost insurance policy lookups using its public system for consumer research on the Internet. The company has emerged as a top source that the public uses to find rates that are competitive nationally. The QuotesPros.com company enters all of its updates and changes to prices that are tabulated by insurers into the system to make sure drivers accessing the content receive fresh data.


The 5 Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers

The 5 Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers
Another factor to keep in mind is that these less-expensive new vehicles often transform into affordable used vehicles which is what the Consumer Reports study examined. Let's face it, many teens aren't going to get a brand-new vehicle, so hitting an …
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5 safe used cars for graduates
So, if you can afford to buy a car for the graduates in your life — or if they saved enough from part-time jobs to finance their own ride — think safety first in choosing that vehicle. Since used cars are more affordable for young drivers, CBS …
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Growing Demand for Affordable Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Boosting India's Used
India used car market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 16% during 2013-2017 says RNCOS in its latest research report. Noida, India — (SBWIRE) — 04/21/2014 — Driven by improvement in the economy, social stature of the Indian population is …
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Cheap Car Insurance for Drivers Now Comparable Through New Insurer Tool Online

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

Drivers who are searching for different coverage options to protect motor vehicles during an accident can now use the Insurance Pros USA website. The inclusion of cheap car insurance companies through the open system is now offering immediate comparisons of rates for drivers at http://insuranceprosusa.com/auto-insurance.html.

All drivers who access the public portal this year have the option of reviewing one or more agency to find the less expensive plans offered. A number of providers offering coverage products are now searchable upon a single zip code search inside the automotive tool.

“Drivers paying too much for insurance or who are seeking new ways to save money can gain entry to our system to begin comparing the less expensive coverage rates,” said an InsuranceProsUSA.com source.

The auto agencies that are listed and capable of underwriting the lowered coverage rates are licensed within the United States. Motorists have the option to explore prices from the list of agencies that are now positioned inside of the search tool for this year.

“The system uses a driver’s zip code in contrast to more personal data to keep the system secure and reliable for public usage,” said the source.

The Insurance Pros USA website is now providing more rates than standard auto insurance prices in 2014. The prices that are now available for review includes renter, health and life insurance that can be found on the homepage at http://insuranceprosusa.com.

About InsuranceProsUSA.com

The InsuranceProsUSA.com company is helping American motorists to explore different insurance options through its portal online. This company offers direct access to agency pricing through its public system for research. The InsuranceProsUSA.com company website is designed to present updated information and offer immediate comparison shopping options to the public. Company staff helps to research and add new providers inside the portal to ensure all interested drivers receive information about all applicable protection plans in the U.S. Immediate quotes in price are now offered for the products listed online.

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No Down Payment Auto Insurance Plans Accessible to Drivers Online at Auto Company Website

Albany, New York (PRWEB) November 23, 2013

The need to buy insurance is one that many auto owners share and finding companies that will accept no down payment for a policy can be a challenge. The Auto Pros company has updated its existing insurer search tool online with no down payment auto insurance plans at http://autoprosusa.com/insurance. These plans are offered for motor vehicle owners in any state in the U.S.

The exclusive use of this new no down payment system is expected to present the most options to a vehicle owner unable to pay for the full purchase price of a policy. While these rates are offered as budget policies, these do include state minimum protection and other types of coverage plans for drivers.

“Buying insurance with no money down is an option with some companies that are able to underwrite a policy for a person without performing a credit check,” a rep from the Auto Pros USA company said.

The updated research system that the Auto Pros company is now supplying to vehicle owners online includes ways that insurance can be sorted and compared. The rates data that is directly supplied through this system includes a vast number of insurers throughout the United States to extend comparison options for car owners.

“When a person can view multiple companies at the same time, the chances of connecting with a low rate or no down payment rate are higher,” the rep concluded.

The Auto Pros company has developed additional tools on the company website that are helping to eliminate any research by consumers when trying to locate different automotive services online. The services to find used auto parts and insurance are two of the latest programs that are available.

A new beta trial database platform is available for any vehicle owner who is not actively seeking a policy for insurance although could benefit from a warranty plan. This tool found at http://www.autoprosusa.com/auto-warranty is now publicly available for research online.

About AutoProsUSA.com

The AutoProsUSA.com company has partnered with multiple United States insurance companies to provide quotations for policies and additional information for automotive consumers visiting the company website each day. This service is enacted as a secondary service apart from the used parts for sale that are quoted online using the programmed company search finder. The AutoProsUSA.com solutions for automotive consumers online are updated monthly as new developments in place to continue providing easy methods of researching retail parts, insurance or other auto services sold in the U.S.


Young drivers cut costs with Tiger.co.uk

Ipswich, Suffolk (PRWEB UK) 29 July 2013

Becoming a seventeen-year-old is one of the great milestones in a British teenagers life as it provides them with the opportunity to legally get behind the wheel of a car on a public road. However, getting on the road is becoming more and more expensive as the cost of fuel rises along with the cost of driving lessons, and this is before the notoriously sky high cost of young drivers car insurance is added into the equation.

Whilst there is not much young drivers can do to bring down the price of fuel or the cost of lessons, they do have more control over cost of car insurance:

????Before buying a car, undertake some proper research. Buying a car with a small engine in a low insurance group can save a young driver a huge amount of money. Furthermore, cars with small engines tend to be more economical on fuel which is an added bonus.

????New drivers should not be afraid to shop around for car insurance. Using an online comparison site such as Tiger.co.uk will allow young drivers to compare car insurance from an number of insurance brands including many providers who specialise in car insurance for young drivers.

???? Telematics, sometimes known as “black box” or “pay-as-you-drive”, insurance involves a small device being put into the drivers car to record their driving habits. This kind of policy is becoming more and more popular with younger, safe drivers simply because they tend to be cheaper than more traditional insurance policies. Smartphone app-based telematics solutions are also coming to the fore.

????Adding additional drivers, particularly older, more experienced ones, can have a positive impact on the cost of young drivers car insurance. However, having the more experienced driver as the main driver when they actually rarely use the car is known as fronting and is illegal.

Andrew Goulborn, Commercial Director of Tiger.co.uk commented, Unfortunately young drivers will always pay more for their car insurance than older drivers as they represent an increased risk. However, there are things they can do to try and reduce costs. We have published an extended guide on our site for shoppers who want even more advice on how to save money on young drivers car insurance policies. Things such as avoiding motoring convictions, keeping annual mileage low and obtaining a Pass Plus certificate can all help to keep costs down. We would always advise shopping around as well. Using an online aggregator such as Tiger.co.uk helps all drivers to compare prices from a wide range of insurers. Tiger.co.uk is particularly good for younger drivers as it features more telematics insurance products than any other comparison site.

About Tiger.co.uk:

Tiger.co.uk is a trading name of Call Connection Ltd. Tiger.co.uk is a UK based, independent car insurance comparison site, offering insurance quotes from over 150 motor insurance brands. Call Connection Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (number 308374).

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Industrial And Commercial Hybrid & Pure Electric Vehicles Market Trends 2013 – 2023: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Drivers And Opportunities, Players

Albany, NY (PRWEB) May 25, 2013

Those selling components for electric vehicles and those wishing to make the vehicles themselves must seek where the majority of the money is spent and will be spent. That must lead them to industrial and commercial electric vehicles because today these represent 60% of the value of the electric vehicle market. Indeed, this sector is set to grow 4.2 times in the next decade. Industrial and commercial electric vehicles include heavy industrial vehicles, the term referring to heavy lifting, as with forklifts.

Then we have buses, trucks, taxis and the other light industrial and commercial vehicles. There are also a few work boats and commercial boats and one day there will be commercial electric aircraft but this is really a story about the burgeoning demand for off-road industrial vehicles and on-road commercial vehicles. In particular, industrial electric vehicles make industry more efficient and commercial electric vehicles reduce congestion. Both of them greatly reduce pollution and align closely with government objectives concerning industry and the environment, yet they minimally depend on subsidy, in contrast with some other electric vehicle types.

View Full Report With TOC@ http://www.researchmoz.us/industrial-and-commercial-hybrid-and-pure-electric-vehicles-2013-2023-forecasts-opportunities-players-report.html

This report covers the technical and market trends for industrial and commercial vehicles whether hybrid or pure electric, putting it in the context of electric vehicles overall and including the activities of a host of manufacturers of the vehicles and their components and even providing future technological development roadmaps.

The market for electric industrial vehicles is already large because, by law, forklifts have to be electric when used indoors. Little growth remains in this market but outdoors almost all earthmoving and lifting vehicles use the conventional internal combustion engine. That is about to change dramatically because hybrid electric versions reduce cost of ownership and exposure to price hikes with fossil fuels. Hybrids increasingly perform better as well, with more power from stationary, ability to supply electricity to other equipment and other benefits including less noise and pollution. On the other hand, airports, often government owned or funded, are under great pressure to finish converting their Ground Support Equipment GSE to pure electric versions both on and off the tarmac partly using federal grants.

Buy a copy of this report@ http://www.researchmoz.us/industrial-and-commercial-hybrid-and-pure-electric-vehicles-2013-2023-forecasts-opportunities-players-report.html

Yet another industrial trend is for use of electric vehicles to replace slow and often dangerous manual procedures. Sometimes a self-powered indoor crane replaces scaffolding. An electric stair climber replaces human effort and possible injury. On the other hand, sit-on floor cleaners in buildings, sit-on ice cleaners in ice rinks, outrider vehicles carried on trash collection trucks and a host of similar solutions speed processes and reduce injuries and costs.

Buses, trucks, taxis and the other light industrial and commercial vehicles are going electric for similar reasons but we must add the desire of national and local governments, who buy many of them, to go green, even where there is no payback. However, the size and growth of the industrial and commercial sector is less dependent on government funding and tax breaks than the more fragile market for electric cars, particularly pure electric ones. Excitingly, most of the electric vehicle technologies are changing and improving hugely and innovation often comes here before it is seen in the more publicised electric vehicle sectors such as cars.

Asynchronous traction motors were first widely used on forklifts: their benefits of longer life, less maintenance, low cost and freedom from magnet price hikes and heating problems are only later being seen in a few cars. Ultracapacitors otherwise known as supercapacitors permit very fast charging of buses whether by the new Level 3 charging stations or regenerative braking and they release huge surges of power when the bus is full and starting on a hill. Gas turbine range extenders have been on some buses for 12 years but they are only now being planned for cars. Fuel cells will be viable in fleets where the expensive hydrogen distribution is manageable – not for cars across the world. Energy harvesting shock absorbers about to hit the market will be very viable on buses and trucks where they can put up to 12 kW into the battery whereas such devices on cars will take longer to prove.

View All Hybrid & Pure Electric Research Reports @ http://www.researchmoz.us/publisher/idtechex-58.html

Nevertheless, it is important to look at industrial and commercial electric vehicles as part of all electric vehicles out there – as we do – because it is increasingly true that one company will produce EVs for many end uses and even make key components. This achieves the product reliability and cost advantages that come from highest volume manufacture based on standardisation and shared research.

About Us

ResearchMoz (http://www.researchmoz.us/) is the one stop online destination to find and buy market research reports & Industry Analysis. We fulfill all your research needs spanning across industry verticals with our huge collection of market research reports.

For More Information Kindly Contact:

Email: sales(at)researchmoz(dot)us

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Drivers Are Finding The Best Auto Loan Rates Using Three Tips Presented By Complete Auto Loans

(PRWEB) March 16, 2013

Getting an auto loan has recently been a very difficult thing to do, but this is about to change. Consumers do not need to get loans through banks or other lending groups in order to get the financing they need for the vehicle they want.

Yesterday, if a someone had been bankrupt, suffered through repossession, or just didnt have any credit history at all, it was unlikely to say the least that they would get themselves a loan.

Today, however, is an entirely different story. Today, anyone willing can be approved for an auto loan. Whether the driver has had problems with their credit theyre the newest driver on the block, there is an auto loan for them. Complete Auto Loans has released an article explaining the three things drivers can do to get bad credit auto loans.

One thing drivers can do to get bad credit auto loans is to try installment payment agreements. Installment agreements are set up to take care of consumer payments on loan principle and interest according to real income cycles (e.g., when drivers get paid). This allows customers to build credit while they drive their new vehicle.

Forget the stress of credit approval. Complete auto financing on car purchases does not have to be difficult. There are loan companies that provide excellent auto loan rates, and flexible installment agreements according to income reporting.

For more information about auto finance, installment agreements and terms and conditions to consumer lending agreements, take a look at Complete Auto Loans: http://www.completeautoloans.com


Rate Digest Gives 6 Tips That Can Help Drivers Get Cheap Car Insurance Despite Their Age Or Driving History

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 23, 2013

There are many different things affecting a given drivers auto insurance bill. Most of these things are easily controlled no matter the age or driving history of a consumer. In most cases, what drivers choose as part of their coverage determines how cheap auto insurance is for them. Here is a detailed look into the 6 major things that affect drivers premiums, as well as a bit of advice on how to get cheap car insurance and save money.

As was just said, the bulk of a drivers bill comes from coverage- how much a driver is monetarily covered in the event of various accidents, whether they are responsible for them or not. The specifics of the coverage a driver has, as well as the deductible drivers are willing to pay in the event of those accidents, determines the monthly insurance bill.

Rate Digest suggests that, in order to lower premiums and get cheap car insurance, drivers take a look at how willing they are to pay before letting the insurance company take over. Since a higher deductible almost always means a lower monthly rate, drivers can save hundreds every year by simply increasing the deductible.

Also, Rate Digest advises that people look into how valuable coverage is to them. In the case of collision coverage, drivers with older cars are much less likely to see coverage returning their monthly investment, as older cars depreciate rapidly in value. This lowering of value makes older cars far more likely to become totaled in an accident, so drivers should keep it in mind when they sign up for collision insurance. It may not be worth the expense, and dropping it would certainly help drivers get cheap car insurance.

Also of heavy significance to a drivers premiums is the car being insured. Specifically, the higher the safety rating of a car is, the more cheap car insurance will be. Also, cars more likely to get damaged, such as sports cars, or cars more likely to be stolen will increase a drivers premiums.

The third major piece of a drivers insurance bill has to do with the drivers themselves. Of key importance to insurance companies is a drivers record, their age, marital status, and gender. If a given driver is under 25, single, and has been driving for less than three years, chances are very good that they will have a very high insurance premium. In these cases, Rate Digest suggests that young drivers take a driver safety course, which in some states can lower their premiums by a hefty amount. Also, drivers who are students may have additional discounts, depending their grades.

About Rate Digest

Rate Digest offers a free insurance comparison tool that lets consumers find the great insurance they deserve. http://www.ratedigest.com/


Common Myths That Drivers Face on the Road

Houston, TX (PRWEB) December 21, 2012

Everyone likes to display team spirit. Many sports fans buy the license plate frames to put on the license plate of their vehicle, but in Texas if the license plate frame makes the letters or numbers of the license plate hard to read an officer can site the driver. Always check the states written law for these decorative frames before installing one on a vehicle.

Is it illegal to drive without wearing shoes? This is a very common misconception and a question frequently asked in the defensive driving courses. In Texas, there is no law against driving bare foot. The pedals may be a little colder when pressing a bare foot against it. Simply remember that when driving, it is important to ensure that whatever type of shoe is worn makes the driver comfortable and good contact is made with either the break or accelerator.

The car oil needs to be changed every 3000 miles. The technology on most vehicles today advise drivers when to change the car oil. Some factors like the type of oil being used, how the car is driven and the age of the vehicle do come into play. The best way to know for sure is to check the manual on the vehicle.

If the gas tank is on E the vehicle can still be driven for 30 miles. This may be a true statement but it depends on the type of vehicle driven. Some vehicles can probably travel more than 30 miles once the fuel light comes on, but a big diesel truck may not. Again, refer to the manual for how far the vehicle can travel. However, never having to deal with being out of gas is probably better than finding out how far the vehicle will go.

Police officers will let drivers go 5 miles over the speed limit. Police officers can actually cite drivers for going one mile over the speed limit. Some drivers may be under the impression they can go 5 miles over because they may have never been pulled over while driving 5 miles over the speed limit. Some officers may let drivers get away with driving 5 miles over the speed limit because they are only waiting for that one driver that is going way over the legal speed.

This is information is brought to you by Comedy Driving, Inc. and Iron Property Insurance. Comedy Driving, Inc. has been in business for over 10 years and is an approved Texas defensive driving schools.

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