Sports Cars for Under 15 Grand

Sports Cars for Under 15 Grand

Leo Parente joins the J.F. on the Road Testament this week as we continue our never-ending discussion on the best car buy under 000.

Best Used Car Under 15000.mp4

Best used car under 15000 is a good buy when you find the right model. Comfort and reliable and great reselling value. Check it out today at http://www.bestu…


  1. nursefrankenstein says:

    I agree that the best used sports car under 15,000 is an 03-05 350Z (preferably the track package), or a G35 coupe since its the same car only better looking and less agressively tuned. The rest of my? list goes 93-95′ RX7, 01-03’M3, 03-05 WRX, 01-04 S4, 03-04′ S Type R, 05-06 Mustang GT cpe, 04-05 GTO, 91-95′ MR2 Turbo, 04′ 545i, 04 CLK500. I know that some of these are Sport/luxury cars, and? muscle cars, but all of them are performance oriented and can actually be found for under 13,000.

  2. zucky22389 says:

    Oh man tons of awesome choices!

    Nissan 350z, Mazda RX7,8, ‘speed 3,6, Honda s2000, A clean, low mileage WRX, PONTIAC GTO LS2, the? best E36 M3 you can find, last gen Mustang Cobra,

  3. redscarf11 says:

    C5 Corvette, 6spd, 5.7l v8 with 350hp and gets around 20mpg for the? manual

  4. therealkyarush says:

    Volkswagen R32. And nobody better be all “bahh German cars” “bahh volkswagen maintenance!” please enlighten me to what maintenance if you? are to say this about the car. Oil changes don’t count. 1. 2. 3. Go

  5. Noah VanBlarcom says:

    Nissan 350z?

  6. cmr0003 says:

    mazdaspeed6 or 3

  7. Jiver4Life says:

    @inurik m5 is? a great car, but the M6 is way better!!

  8. carsismeZ06 says:

    Proud owner of a ’99 Mystic Silver V70R. How much? About? $100 for towing, and $1900 for a new motor.

  9. Mark Nutley says:

    pontiac fiero…… enough said?

  10. obediencedenied57 says:

    The? actual prices that most cars/suvs/trucks are going for are cheaper then your results found. The sellers are letting pretty much all used cars sales I heard at actual “cheap” prices.

  11. jimmymullet says:

    They are based on a basic GM Epsilon platform that’s been modified. Other than that, pretty much everything? else is unique. The aluminum engine block is made by GM, but all the other internals are made by Saab. Interiors have one or two GM parts, but that’s it. Suspension is completely Saab. Overall it’s pretty difficult to tell they had anything to do with GM. Now that they’ve been sold, they can branch out and do things their own way.

  12. E39 M5 if you don’t need the AWD. Best 4? door sports car of its time

  13. Robertcrobertson says:

    VW pheaton W12 2004 (6 litire 12 cyls) 450+ BHP
    extremely luxurious the Bentely? contenintal took all of the hardware
    extremely fast (201 MPH top W/O electronic limitation)
    extremely rare, reliable IT MADE THE audi A8L w12 of that year look like a corola
    PRICE there is one for sale now black for 18 Grand, (originaly over 100 Grand)
    BYE FAR one of the best luxury sedans ever made, its a bently with a VW badge

  14. USAFSmiley87 says:

    u read my mind…?

  15. Atm im 16 and i have a 2004 acura rsx type s. Its got 34k miles on it and it only cost my parents 12,500. Original price was 15k but we paid in cash and god a nice discount. It came with a borla exaust, a turbocharger, and aftermarker intake, BOV and cooler.? Pretty cheap and honestly, its a really good car lol.

  16. LOLOL. Good luck finding one kiddo.?

  17. Lexus IS 300, VW Glof GTI, Pontiac GTO. Just some fuel for the fire.?

  18. sslinoleumboyss says:

    buy a Lancia delta integrale and you will love? it

  19. DoggysStyle says:

    find a very good condition e30? m3

  20. TallGermanBoy says:

    Please keep Leo! He’s much more bearable…?

  21. Erik Baldwin says:

    sorry, i misspoke, in ’01 the 7 series? was iL not Li …

  22. Erik Baldwin says:

    Guys, a volvo, srsly?!? I bought a? 2001 750li w/ 65K miles for $8500, it needed a brake job, $600, and (just incase) i bought an extended warranty, the premier, everything warranty from AAA that will last 3 years and past 100K miles for $3K. I think this would definitely be one of the larger sedans that should be considered for under $15K. maintenance is required for every vehicle, but ppl don’t realize that if you get a low mile, in good/great condition auto, you can get a 3rd party warranty

  23. RX7GLORY says:

    id say a great rare sports car would have to be the Mitsubishi Starion/ Chrysler Conquest. 2.4l turbo 4cly? with rwd and lsd. it puts the 944 to shame in both looks and performance.

  24. stealthcorvette says:

    mustang gt (cobra), camaro ss, nissan 350z, cobalt ss turbo, evo9mr, wrx sti, charger r/t, c4 corvette, mazaspeed 3, pontiac gto, pontiac solstice, mazda rx8, honda s2000, vw golf gti. there are loads of stuff out there for? 15-20

  25. LesPaul341 says:

    First! btw vid was worthless? literally told me nothing

  26. LesPaul341 says:

    First! btw vid was worthless literally? told me nothing

  27. LesPaul341 says:

    First! btw vid was? worthless literally told me nothing