Some essential advice before buying a used car according to Mike Brewer Wheeler Dealers

” If you’re in a market for a used car you might want this old Ferrari 308. They aren’t just folding. There are a few things that you should do if we set off to go and buy a car. The first of which is to use your phone, maybe your landline or your mobile phone, and phone with data service. Somebody like HPI or the AA, and they can give you all the information you would need to know whether the car is pretty involved in any accidents, whether the police have got an interest, but more importantly, if it’s got any finance outstanding. Now, the only information you need to give him is a registration number of a car. And if you can, get the chassis number of the owner as well. That way, you can find out that the car you’re buying is genuine rather than setting off to go [unk] in the first place. All it cost is the same price as a tanker fuel, and it’s the best money you’ll ever spend. Secondly, when you arrive to go and see the car, make sure that the car has not been previously rammed before you got there. What I mean by that is put your hand on the body, although dirty on this Ferrari, or look can be stupid because the engine on this car is down the back. So, when I do get to the car, I can put the key in ignition and see if there’s any nasty fumes or black smoke coming out the exhaust pipe. Now, the other thing to do is when you do go and see a vehicle, make sure that the paperwork tallies to the place where you’re actually standing. You’d be amazed of the amount of people


  1. deer koden says:

    very very useful bits of? advice.

  2. Decreasion says:

    why dont you just say show me the car fax? and wear a shirt that says ” car? fox” ?

  3. weldersmart says:

    did anyone try carshen dot com ? Let dealers bid. they claim it can save 3000 dollars? on a car purchase… any feedback from carshen dot com?

  4. RedRoosterRoad says:

    A tank of fuel? I? don’t think i have that kind of money.

  5. whoohaaXL says:

    Actually bro, there’s a lot of mistakes in the text you wrote up.? No big deal I guess.

  6. whoohaaXL says:

    ah PALMACLUB? In the beginning he says “Like my beautiful Ferrari 308 That I’ve just bought then there are a few? things you can do…….”

    Please change that bro, “They aren’t just folding” made me Lol.

  7. granskare says:

    well, I happen to like Mike and Edd so? I am astonished to see the negativity that crops up on so many YT videos….if you have nothing positive to write, don’t write anything…

  8. KiranTaker270 says:

    that what i did i fell in love with? my fiesta worst thing i did now i have to buy a new used car as the engine is corroded in and out and it will cost more than its worth to put it right

  9. Rey Pondoc says:

    Now tell us how? to buy weed.

  10. evilmonkey2010 says:

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  11. smokinallthebud69 says:

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  15. beetlekill123 says:

    Good? advice, that’s why Mike buys em and Ed fixes. Great show.

  16. ThePetrolhead94 says:

    its on my? page in my favorites


    putting your hand? on the bonnet doesnt work just stick your fingers into the grill abit and feel for heat

  18. simlik2 says:

    We want the whole episode with 308? !!

  19. BMan100 says:

    greta advice.. BUT THE MAN IS RIGHT!! WHERE? IS THIS EP?!?!?

  20. cesariojpn says:


  21. Blink182DudeRanch says:

    good advice,? common sense really. mike is the man