smart car crash

smart car crash

crashing a smart car to test occupant survivability
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  1. hakbarahfatoush says:


  2. hakbarahfatoush says:

    But does it? blend? That is the queation

  3. Jeff Beauplan says:

    what if? it flips….the cage has no roof sooo how safe really is this smart car you speak of.

  4. Evan Caffyn says:

    that so funny? and really stupid and not smart but the car is 🙂

  5. well, that? was smart

  6. webguyster1 says:

    My friend in germany has one? and he can drive to spain and back with a tank of gas

  7. Sasa Petrovic says:

    Nobody talks about legs? and feet. I mean there is no hood so there is less space between the impact zone and legs.

  8. dartavian74 says:

    the? corner is the weakest point .—they are testing the overall impact of the crash .–if they crashed the car flush more of the car would make contact.

  9. fearless1337 says:

    Ok, here you can see the angle of the wall 01:22 and here too 01:45 but if you see here 01:50? there is a camera recording everything. Here you see the team recording the test 02:10. Again you have the camera here 02:30. So do you see? All the cameras and the team were at the left side of the road. And for a controlled test and for safety the car had to crash and go somewhere predicable which was the right side of the road. That’s my guess.

  10. SouthMeckStunna says:

    What show is this??

  11. Ivan Rastceluev says:

    ?? ?????,? ??????? ???????…

  12. 17 m veiws!!! How come a smart ends up getting more views than ferrari,? lamborghini, porsche, bugatti vids ccombined?

  13. Biohazard71300 says:

    The? F-250 would eat that thing.

  14. We’ll see how “Smart” you are when you get? rear-ended by an idiot in an F-250 SuperCrew.. Then we will see physics at its best 😉 Here in the USA that car only makes sense in densely populated areas.. Keep it away from any place with a posted speed limit >35mph 😉

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  16. epicboyzfart says:


  17. because they are simulating what its like to lose control on the high way……..did you even listen? to what they said?

  18. Skippy Thorson says:

    Agreed. Love? people that tell us about how they saw something wild and out there happen, but then they’re never heard from again when it comes time to back it up.

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  20. MegaSexyLlamas says:

    So they could simulate how it would act if it SWERVED into the? guard rail of a motor way.

  21. spartan1080 says:

    @ Jack Yedvobnick plz get your pro ”dumb” car comments outta here, we all know your just spewing out lies and bullshit? to make yourself look better, i bet you are one of the enviro freaks that probly helped invent this death trap huh?

  22. spartan1080 says:

    how much did you get paid to advertise for that bullshit site? if so i want that job of putting lies that? glorify the ”dumb” car

  23. spartan1080 says:

    is that with or without the life insurance and hospital bill after? an accident?

  24. It? simulates smashing into a car. If you watch the test footage they showed, they only hit on the corner, rather than a full-out head-on crash.

  25. Pfft you don’t need legs! Much… :