skobbler Continues to Conquer the Competition, Brings ForeverMap 2, the Ultimate Mapping Companion, to iOS

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 02, 2013

skobbler (, the premier provider and leading innovator of mobile map-based solutions using OpenStreetMap data, today announced the release of their hit mapping solution, ForeverMap 2, on iOS for iPhone and iPad. Powered by skobblers one-of-a-kind NGx map engine, arguably the most advanced mapping technology on the planet, ForeverMap 2 delivers the core functions any user craves from a mobile mapping servicereliable and convenient availability under any circumstances through TRUE hybrid online and offline mapping capabilities.

This degree of functionality is noticeably absent from todays most popular iOS map solutions, including Apple Maps, Google Maps or City Maps 2Go. Whereas Apple and Google Maps can be used in full online, they only offer limited offline functionality, lacking any search and routing components while without an Internet connection. Other travel-oriented map services like City Maps 2Go that provide offline functionality generally do so via thousands of downloadable micro or city maps that are data-heavy and slow, performance-wise. These offline-only maps are not online-enabled and feature no routing or limited search capabilities. With its versatile feature set, ForeverMap 2 addresses all of these shortcomings, providing iOS owners with the ultimate mapping companion.

ForeverMap 2 delivers pure hybrid functionality, allowing users to switch between online or optional offline map access with offline functionality being unlimited. This means routing and various search capabilities are provided in full, no matter where you are or if you have access to a data connection. To enable offline maps, rather than download thousands of city maps that are difficult to manage and require large data packages, ForeverMap 2 offers downloadable continent and country maps, which are supported by a seamless, one-map-of-the-world interface that is convenient, easy-to-use, and fast-loading. These maps store locally and are at your disposal anytime, anywhere, with full search and routing. Importantly, all routing within ForeverMap 2 covers pedestrians, bikes and cars, whether on- or offline.

While ForeverMap2 brings the best of both worlds in terms map features, it is also best-in-class with regard to performance. Its visuals and data are delivered using ultrafast real-time rendering to make maps infinitely browsable with no empty loading tiles when panning or zooming. It also contains a range of unique map styles to adapt to specific settings, with colors shifting for outdoor use to improve clarity.

ForeverMap 2 is available for a one-time purchase of $ 2.99 via the iTunes App Store, though, to celebrate its launch, skobbler is making the service available for $ 0.99 for a limited time only. While there are in-app map downloads available after the initial purchase, including continent and country maps for offline use, these come at no additional cost. Users will also receive frequent updates for free. No subscription required. To download ForeverMap 2 for iOS, visit here:

With ForeverMap 2, users are getting a service that works in any situation, no matter where they are, said Philipp Kandal, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of skobbler. We are addressing a need in the market today, overcoming the most obvious shortcomings of several others in the space, particularly with regard to offline functionality. ForeverMap 2 is how mobile maps should be and were able to deliver this through years of development, experience, and the most powerful map engine out thereNGx.

ForeverMap 2 is the product of skobblers unique access technology package, skobbler GeOS. skobbler GeOS enables access to and structures the OpenStreetMaps raw data and detail, delivering what is poised to be the most powerful SDK for OpenStreetMap implementation into a mobile product or web service.

At GeOS core is skobbler NGx, an advanced vector map engine. NGx facilitates fluid, high-performance map implementation both on- and offline. NGx powers ForeverMap 2s intuitive map interactions, cutting-edge visuals, and its adaptive user interface with multiple map styles.

We are thrilled to finally see our new map engine skobbler NGx live in one of our own Apple apps, said Kandal. This engine, with its unique styling and performance capabilities, is a big leap forward and an important milestone for our company. When you put so much effort into a project, you cant wait to find out how the customers respond to it.

ForeverMap 2 is also available for Android, NOOK and Kindle Fire devices. In addition to ForeverMap 2, the companys internationally popular GPS Navigation 2, which offers true voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation at an unbelievable price, has been available to iOS users with full online-offline capabilities since October 2011. Together, the apps provide the best in maps and navigation on iPhone and iPad.

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Founded in 2008, Berlin-based skobbler ( is one of the premier players in mobile location-aware services. With over 3 million customers on iOS alone, skobbler has regularly topped overall and category app charts in more than 20 countries, leading the way in the development of location technology and end consumer products based on the OpenStreetMap. This experience also facilitates skobblers development projects for third parties. Based on the skobbler GeOS map access technology, companies can base their location-aware web or mobile services on the OpenStreetMap.


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