Shady Local Car Dealers and Touring a Used Car Lot

Shady Local Car Dealers and Touring a Used Car Lot

One local car dealership (now out of business) made the news last week with a lot of fraudulent sales to customers that spanned several years. The head sales…
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  1. onemancapacity1 says:

    Are those cars stolen or something?

  2. Yeah.. Same one.

  3. Not that I’m aware of..

  4. Oh wow! I don’t trust car dealers at all. They tell you what you want to
    hear to make the sale. The investigation is ongoing and I’m not sure what
    the people who lost their money and cars are gonna do or if they have any
    chance of getting their money back.

  5. Jim Foreman says:

    Looks like an RV consignment lot at Norman, OK. Bring your RV to us and we
    will sell it for you for 10%. Buyers would pay a down payment (and in some
    cases, the full price) and were told the title would be mailed to them.
    Then one day the office was closed, the phone disconnected and no one to be
    found anywhere except owners looking for their rigs or people there wanting
    the promised titles. Never heard the outcome as we moved to Texas shortly
    after that was on the news. Glad I wasn’t involved.

  6. Mark hoffman says:

    Do you live close to Rock Hill? I have friends there that said something
    about a car dealer getting shut down.. then I see your video