Saturn V scale model rocket launch 480p

This is a video of a Saturn V scale model rocket launch in Price, MD. The rocket was built by Steve Eves. All questions can be answered here: The music is “Also sprach Zarathustra”, composed by Richard Strauss, performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and conducted by André Previn.


  1. No, SaturnV had advanced powerful liquid engines. This model rocket had dumbed down solid rocket engines like the Shuttle SRB’s or the type of engines you get in a model rocket? store.

  2. same fuel mixture as the Saturn V??

  3. It would fall back on? them!

  4. Wow…8 “N” motors and 1 “O” motor…that’s a lot of thrust!? Very nice launch!

  5. rogelio gomez says:


  6. agent1000100 says:

    Its one small step for man, one giant LIE for mankind :p?

  7. That’s a model? That’s HUGE!?

  8. ryan galvao says:

    Muito? bom ! parabens

  9. Very Cool?

  10. aaronsdavis says:

    This was? amazing, kudos.

  11. HSTADAM1991 says:

    quiet! dont give? them ideas!

  12. FYI,? Space Odyssey is the original.

  13. derese thibault says:

    this song reminds me to homer simpson when he got in space?

  14. armyguru1214 says:

    Chills? down my spine every time I watch this!


  16. ayamsayurcfg says:

    mambo? jambo. it works!!!

  17. No governament nor people own? the skies.. YEAHHHH

  18. This is amazing,? how much did it cost?

  19. SledgHammer11 says:

    Did you have to get authorization from the government before you launched this thing? In a post 911 world I’m more amazed they didnt question you for? doing something like this at that scale. But, it was fun to watch.

  20. Kasey Mathew says:

    Excellent job? synchronizing the music to the video. Well done!

  21. wwwtotalitaerde says:

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  22. SonicFan512345 says:

    When the parachutes first? came out I thought it exploded! >.<

  23. martintheslim says:

    I? Love This!

  24. A-BLOODY-MAZING! What a feat! What a great etstmanet to human ingenuity and teamwork – well done to all involved.

    WISH I? WAS THERE!!!!!!!

  25. cellphonegaming says:

    Matches the? size of my wang.