Miami Vice – Testarossa episode

Stone’s War. Sonny gets a brand new toy and it’s the most iconic sports car ever in my opinion and in perfect color too.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. legitmilkman98 says:

    whats the name of the song in the? begining

  2. It’s sad to have one of the fastest car in the street and to use some petty trick? to get out of this pursuit.

  3. moacyrjusto1 says:

    Thanks,? man!

  4. Tony Pooley says:

    song is.? andy taylor. when the rain comes down.

  5. moacyrjusto1 says:

    Please, does anybody? know the name of the song? Thanks.

  6. One wing mirror. ? Nice.

  7. It had nothing to do with Don Johnson’s wardrobe.

    The car was repainted white purely because the black paint job blended too much into the background during the night scenes making the car hard to see, whereas the? white paintwork stood out more.

    It was a smart move as the white car was better suited the whole Miami scene at the time.

  8. Scott Steiner says:

    honestly, the supercars in the 80s were the real supercars, todaays cars are? kind of boring and soft looking. I mean the Testarossa or Lamborghini Countach, F40, Porsche 959, those were the days. Even today the Testarossa is a dream car, its super flat and wide

  9. caponeking71 says:

    Best Episode Of Miami Vice….”The Prodigal’s Son” GREAT AND BEST EPISODE EVER!! The show lost it? after the new Ferrari. It seem more glitz and glamor than guts and glory like the older episodes.

  10. TheLordofShell says:

    lol when he first gets in it he starts making the car noises with his mouth?

  11. It’s like a piercing. The testarossa had a delta shape (causing that fascinating start twisted slide) so you were in difficult with the mirrors in low position they put the mirrors higher but you wouldn’t be able to view the right one. So they? put only one high left mirror. In the next series they putted 2 lower mirrors and five screw? in the wheels instead of one. Consider that the monodado monospecchio are the more requested testarossa cause they are? particular. Bye

  12. tylerdurden3891 says:

    THe car was probably white? to make up for the lack of white in Crockett’s wardrobe this season. I can even see the suits having the meeting: “Well, since Sonny isn’t gonna wear white this season, we need to still have that white element there”. “Well, we are giving him that new Ferrari from the first episode.’ “But it’s black!!” “Paint it white!!”. “Meeting adjourned”.

  13. royroy333 says:

    Ferrari Testarossa… you would think there is enough money to put 2 mirrors instead of just one on this? car…

  14. MrAkilwil says:

    Thank you, I’ve been ablibbing on this one …This is great on consequence , “you can’t run in the closet and lose yourself in guilt on with this one,? live with the responsibility, it’s gonna scar you, eat you, burn you inside, it should… ” I use it all the time, but not the exact quote. Still ,get the point across.

  15. jamesolden1 says:

    Firebrand…..he said its out back. Which meant his new undercover? car is in the back of the station.

  16. M3Nenough says:

    xactly. And the reason they painted it white was simple. In black you couldn’t see it well enough, since they did a lot of night? shots. And maybe black was not Don Johnson enough 😀 They had two real ones and one replica based on a DeTomaso Pantera (same wheelbase) for the action shots.
    The best part thou is that they got the Testarossas because Enzo Ferrari was pissed, because a Daytona Replica starred in a hit TV show…
    good times

  17. Firebrand TF says:

    Anybody can put? in text Castillo’s answer to Crockett?

  18. Everybody (who’s followed this show closely) knows this is the same Testarossa that Barrigan was driving in the previous ep titled “When Irish Eyes Are Crying”. He’s the goon Sonny gunned down in a shootout, played by the same dude who played the detention/Saturday school teacher in “The Breakfast Club. It was black but? it was repainted white. Since Barrigan was killed that car got impounded & withheld by the Miami Dade Metro PD so they could give to Sonny as a reward for wasting the baddies.

  19. corvetteguy1980 says:

    ’87 Testarossa right here except mines black.?

  20. mikemoair says:

    is that mr dowlrimple fron sienfeld? ?

  21. javier montana says:

    That episode aired a day after I was born.1986 was a good? year