Mazda Furai : Race Track

The Furai, which celebrates 40 years of Mazda’s rotary engine and international motorsports heritage is seen here in full intimate detail. Furai is the latest in the Nagare design series from Mazda introduced at the 2008 Detroit AutoShow (NAIAS). Based on a US Le Mans race series Courage C65 chassis and featuring a 3 rotor rotary engine fueled by ethanol. Hear the full sound these rotors make in this intimate video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Good looking but? not best sounds. best is 787b



  3. Dreadzedan says:

    Rotary is one of mazda’s trump cards(nothing like it just its a little uneconomical), handling is the other card, they make some of the best? handling machines, and in terms of looks they hardly have any standard looking designs some being borderline strange. (they are a bit above average),

  4. Dreadzedan says:

    might as well just make this a production? car mazda. =)


    Not too shabby for a Mazda, and pretty original looking.?

  6. James Copeland says:

    Anyone? know what rpm it’s ported for?

  7. halo015116517937 says:

    but its like the skin from Pagani Zonda Roadstar ?

  8. BluTrilobite says:

    Gorgeous race car but please,? PLEASE get rid of those accursed BP logos!

  9. Kurihuton Twohatchett II says:

    That poor Porche never had a chance to keep up for its camera to record the Mazda in action for its Tests on the? track, beautiful cars =D lol

  10. Tojiha oiagquk says:

    ?????????????????? ???????????? ??????????

  11. irononreverse says:

    It’s a track car, they’re not legal to drive on regular roads and? rae tracks don’t have speed bumps.

  12. ?????? ??????????? says:

    its awesome car

  13. Sponsored by BP – GO AND FUCK YOURSELF!?

  14. It would suck? if you had to drive over a speed bump because the car is so low.

  15. summerian annunaki says:

    my one
    my only
    my? precious

  16. No shit huh? Crazy,? now I need to get one and slap a turbo on that shit. Thanks for the info zomgz932.

  17. suzuki re5 and norton? bikes

  18. chrisbmilton says:

    na na nahna nahna? BATMAN!

  19. Japanese are? awesome!

  20. ? correct, for the price? MS3 is king. Base WRX is more than a loaded MS3 I own and sell both for a living. Subaru1 and Mazda2 CR ratings and ALG. Profits talk, personal opinions walk!

  21. @geometricpatterns6 you? say the ms3 looks bad, but Mazda looks at sales figures

  22. the next? batmobil …

  23. Apostolis Oikonomes says:


  24. foonlyvision says:

    I’d love to see the Furai with the? classic green and orange paint