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Video shows people, who built their own airplane. Built it in their garage in a few months. Under 000. Actually flies with a pilot. Used the Mini-MAX kit and bought the engine a German Hurst 33. Used a tractor battery for electric starter. Airplane is self-built with JDT Mini-MAX LLC Wood Fabric Also shows air show, including RC R/C aircraft and Hobbico models. A canard model with a camera is also shown. Includes several helicopters including a Trex 600. RC R/C Trex 600 pilot flies insane maneuver danger dream Ultralight, Canard with camera, N310MF, 2002 Omf OMF-100-160 Aircraft N310MF 2002 Omf OMF-100-160. … aircraft N310MF, Avatar, RC R/C home-made self-built home-built Airplane pilot flies, Hobbico, JDT Mini-MAX LLC, building a wing rib for a popular wooden kit offered as both kit and plans, the JDT Mini-Max
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  1. Kyle Kovacs says:


  2. Tashawn Dawson says:

    Fly it u ass?

  3. tractordriver247 says:

    Is it? sold

  4. Today is? a good day to die!

  5. theenforcer44mag says:

    not talk so much….show how it? flies……!!!

  6. good thing she’s holding a camera and not? a car!!, wow

  7. 4thgenpilot says:

    it’s one thing to build one, it’s another thing to strap yourself in it and go? faster then you can stop and higher then you can fall

  8. biminibob1 says:

    THANKS for sharing this video guys! My wife is an Ohio State alumni – so she REALLY loves your plane. I’ve been thinking about building a minimax for years. What kind of motor do you have? installed?

  9. Neil Refuerzo says:

    And RC planes cost? more.

  10. krusher6968 says:

    im done with this bs if yur going to? show the plane lets see it fly!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

  11. i have more faith in the “old men” than the young ones to build this. at least they know that the can that says DOPE is for? the fabric on the wings !

  12. We haf to worey about old pepole driveing now we hav to worey about them flying god help us?

  13. two old men built this 100% is gonna crash in the first flying? attempt

  14. I could make a airplane under 4000

    I would just get allot of tree and? some metal and I make a WWI fighter plane

  15. iRenaatsouvagie says:

    What’s the brand of the? airscrew?

  16. TheLilguitarboy says:

    me and my bro? (13 and 11) r building a 14 foot wingspan trike ultra light
    for under 300 dollers

  17. get out of the way and just show the? plane.

  18. robertquentincobb says:

    Cool. At 70mph it burns 1.5 gallons an hour, with a 5 Gal tank. And it only costs 9K! Wow.? That’s way cheaper and better than a Hybrid. I think I’ll get one.

  19. anderberger says:

    small attention span at? 1:18

  20. callumchandler says:

    how fast will it go??? ITS A FUCKING PLANE not a car? ¬_¬

  21. Actually? flies ….. definetly mosquitoes !!!

  22. hillberg100 says:

    70 mph?? A home made helicopter cruises @ 160 mph see

  23. FantasticBob7000 says:

    Let’s? see it fly!!

  24. Necip Aksoy says:

    nice wooden? prop, hahahahaha

  25. IPrOBaDMaNSoUnDS says:

    can do? backflip?