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Camry in battle to stay America's best-selling car
The Camry used to sell with few discounts, but its average price is typically among the lowest in the segment, Caldwell said. That's likely because Camry buyers view cars as simple transportation and don't often load them up with expensive features …
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Oregon court expands warrantless vehicle searches
The state law that gave police the power to search cars suspected of criminal involvement is rooted in a 1986 case that said police must first pull over a vehicle in order to search it without a warrant. That was later challenged and updated: Police …
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Mike Lee threatens 'every procedural mechanism,' including filibuster, to stop
On Friday's broadcast of Derek Hunter's Baltimore WBAL 1090AM radio program, Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee made an appearance to promote his new book, “Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare.” During that appearance, Lee let it be known …
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Vettel fastest on final test day with new F1 tires
The new compound of tire tested at Silverstone will be used from the Hungarian Grand Prix next weekend and for the rest of the season. "We had three days of testing with a lot of different drivers in a lot of different cars and no failures — in …
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