Is Slower really Safer? New Jersey accident lawyers Console & Hollawell Weigh in on Speed Limits Versus Driver Distraction

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) October 26, 2012

Lawmakers in East Brunswick, New Jersey may consider whether to lower the speed limit near Dunhams Corner Road and Hardenburg Lane where auto accidents killed or injured five pedestrians over the summer months, according to NJ.com. In the areas most recent collision, Naglaa H. Armanious, 49-years-old allegedly lost control of her vehicle and struck Sari and Ari Horowitz, both 51-years-old, killing the couple as they left a nearby synagogue in September, according to NJ.com*. Three others sustained serious injuries in the crash. Reducing the speed limit may have a positive impact on the number of deadly crashes in East Brunswick, but Middlesex County auto accident lawyer Richard P. Console Jr. sees a more proactive path to roadway safety.

Lowering the speed limit in an area is only one component of the process, said Console. Increasing driver attentiveness is whats going to impact those accident numbers and prevent more injuries in a significant way. If drivers arent paying attention to the road, it doesnt matter what the speed limit is since theyre less likely to see posted traffic signs and obey them.

Distraction may have been the root cause of the September accident. Authorities believe Armanious dog, riding in the car with her, may have been what distracted her in the moments leading up to the fatal collision, states NJ.com*. Authorities have suggested the distraction may have led to the drivers increased speed, which may have directly contributed to the crash, according to NJ.com*. Console and his firm of Middlesex County accident lawyers stress the need for enforcement over fines.

New fines and citations only go as far as enforcement actions carry them, stated Console. Drivers failing to use their turn signals or stop properly are much bigger problems in New Jersey than pet distractions. Weve seen aggressive enforcement pay off in reducing the number of cellphone users on New Jersey roadways. When inattentive motorists start feeling their actions impact their bank accounts, behaviors change.

The township council in East Brunswick meets next in November. Greg Potkulski, East Brunswicks director of planning and engineering, plans to bring the initiative to lower the speed limit Dunhams Corner Road and Hardenburg Lane before the council at that time, according to NJ.com*. Theres no indication on whether the council will actually rule on the proposal at that time. Other possible initiatives to reduce traffic accidents in the area include widening the roads by up to two additional lanes and installing surveillance cameras.

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