“Is Pot Better Than Soda?” A Dialogue With Stephen Young New Posting On The Compassion Chronicles By Bryan W. Brickner

Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) August 31, 2013

Contrasting soda science to that of cannabis, cannabinoids and the cannabinoid system, Bryan W. Brickner and Stephen Young have a new posting on The Compassion Chronicles, Is Pot Better Than Soda? Through dialogue they discuss the immediate future for both cultural icons soda and pot.

Soda is a part of Americas culture as much as cars, trucks and rock-n-roll, noted Brickner, who along with Young is one of the many authors of The Cannabis Papers: A citizens guide to cannabinoids (2011); though this recent science raises many new questions.

Brickner is referring to the August soda science reported by CNN as, Does Soda Make Kids Violent? The research, from Columbia University and taken from 20 American cities, asked 3,000 mothers how much soda their children consumed by the age of five. The findings show a dose dependent relationship: the more soda a young child consumed the more behavior problems reported.

Young and Brickner also mention many of the months major cannabis stories. With Dr. Sanjay Guptas recent show Weed, the dialogue points to a post-Gupta age. Young compares Guptas cannabis show to Walter Cronkites Vietnam reporting: When Walter Cronkite turned against the Vietnam War in February 1968, the politics of an era began to change. Guptas announcement may have the effect of Cronkites: classic media tipping point.

Their posting also looks at the new science in, Is Cannabigerol the Ultimate Cannabinoid? The article from Truth on Pot suggests cannabigerol is the stem cell for all other cannabinoids.

That would go a long way toward clarifying why various strains produce the cannabinoids they do, offered Young, and given the fundamental role of the cannabinoid system in health, that looks to be beneficial.

Brickner and Young are part of Publius a pen name used for The Cannabis Papers and have been writing together about cannabis and cannabinoids for more than a decade. The Compassion Chronicles is an online destination for news, opinion, resources and networking.