Hummer H1 VS Dodge Ram. Part 2

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With car computers doing so much heavy lifting these days, knowing how to use a hand-held scanning tool to communicate with it is important. Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla explains: * How the onboard diagnostic system works * Plugging into the car’s computer system * Using a standard type scanner * The next generation apps on your phone Subscribe! bit.ly Read the full story here: www.popularmechanics.com Connect with Ben Wojdyla: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Youtube: www.youtube.com Connect To Popular Mechanics: www.facebook.com twitter.com Connect to Car and Driver: Subscribe! bit.ly Twitter: bit.ly Facebook: on.fb.me Who says you can’t work on your own car anymore? Follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting tips. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer them on the show.
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  1. Levi Mattfield says:


  2. andyeshook says:

    Music? sucks ass

  3. slava adamov says:

    ??? ???????? ?????

  4. … Hummer eat 20 litre more of oil per km then that RAM? 😀 … but love Hummer 😀

  5. Jason Dumas says:

    how? can you be shocked? the us military used them for a reason.. its cause they can go everywhere a truck cant

  6. ?????? ????? says:


  7. ?????? ????? says:


  8. ??? ???? /watch?v=1WOLIJ8zSi0

  9. Even the Hummer has street tires. They are? BFG A/Ts. Those guys need some Super Swamper TSLs. Amateurs.

  10. Rantensity1 says:

    Winey? little dodge bitches.

  11. because they are no longer around, and? base price was 120k…

  12. Pavel Shini says:

    pridurok sravni jescio? zigulia s hameram 🙂

  13. Strawberryswing102 says:

    This mockba no fair tires low for snow on mummer tires for truck full? of air and no good for snow.. Why do you think mockba do this?

  14. that pull test thing was? so unfair

  15. Who would of thought a hummer would be better off road than a pick up. I’m shocked? right now

  16. H2HummersRock says:

    Those are BF Goodrich All Terrain tires? on that H1.

  17. unforgettabledeath says:

    F150 Raptor,? I choose you!

  18. Geez people, see it for what it is. Some buddies having fun out four wheeling. So one has a Hummer which is pretty good? in the snow. If the Dodge wants to get around better he needs to upgrade tires or something.

  19. HANZO YAKUZA says:

    small tyres VS? big tyres…

  20. leonardoceja1993 says:

    Guts and? Glory Dodge RAM

  21. XtraThickHair says:

    Holy shit? that hummer is a snow plow. How come the city clean up doesn’t use that

  22. jamaican don dada says:

    music? sucks didnt know they have rams in them countrys , also h1 diesel which means more torque compared to a hemi ram thats lighter with less torque and street tires man this video is lame

  23. azone123465 says:

    h1 is too low for deep snow acts it just builds a wall.?

  24. MrTacoface2 says:

    Sounds like? the robot music from sponge bob LOL

  25. Powerhouse8131 says:

    What a waste of my? time

  26. Bant0nVideo says:

    @Shawn Deyoung the app is? called GoPoint

  27. Shawn Deyoung says:

    What’s the? ap called

  28. I’ve? had go point forever. Best app ever made!

  29. i have a question i have a 2006 v6 Tiburon and i put a supercharger with some bolt-on’s when i drag-racing i take the cats off and put a cat delete pip but i still leave my cat sensor on and i have replaced it twice in 1 year? would the would that cause it to brake often should i cap it off and race with no sensor????

  30. I definitely recommend the bluetooth dongle. I got one for like $35 on ebay (a crappy one with questionable quality control, but mine works fine) and with my Android phone it lets me read instantaneous fuel economy and all sorts of stuff. ? Adding that to your car is the easiest way to gain 10% to your gas mileage (give or take, depending on your driving style). It will teach you how to drive efficiently. My truck is rated for 12mpg city, but I can get 16 out of it even though my brakes drag.

  31. Is there a cable to hook it up to my android phone, or will? I have to just go bluetooth?

  32. Buick Mackane says:

    Which is less expensive, buying a code reader or purchasing? the cable for your phone and the application to run it?

  33. I’m glad you showed some apps for this, I’ve been using this one called torque for the better part of 3 years. It has save me a ton of money, What Autozone told was supercharger failure turn out to be just a faulty MAF sensor. If you’ve got a? smart phone buy an autoscanner app. I went for the bluetooth dongle which was only $25 and the app was $3.

  34. CARandDRIVER says:

    Well, a lot of folks treat cars? like appliances — just a thing to get to work and back — but for folks who like to fix things themselves and save a fair bit of money doing it, these scanners are getting quite inexpensive. $20 will get you a model with basic functionality.

    – Ben Wojdyla

  35. sunsweetsuitable says:

    with the way? things are headed this should be standard equipment

  36. I still? don’t own that, or anything similar.

  37. CARandDRIVER says:

    Everyone does.

    -Ben? Wojdyla

  38. CARandDRIVER says:

    That’s what we’re going for. Cars can seem super complicated (and they? are) but if you break them down they’re not that bad. Plus, more people understanding the things they own is always a good thing. If you get around to trying this on your car why not shoot a video? Post it up as a video response to this clip so everyone else can see just how easy this process can be.

    – Ben Wojdyla

  39. CARandDRIVER says:

    Thanks! It’s good to hear? people are finding these useful.

    – Ben Wojdyla

  40. CARandDRIVER says:

    I changed it to say “OBD-II scanner,” that makes a lot? more sense.

    – Ben Wojdyla

  41. PACKyourSHITfolks420 says:

    I need a bluetooth? dongle.

  42. Bryan Doherty says:

    These are some of the most? useful videos on youtube

  43. I disliked the? video because you told people to “like if you have a computer reader”, and I don’t have a computer reader.

  44. CARandDRIVER says:

    Hmm. Now that you mention it, maybe I should’ve held that scanner a bit differently for the camera. In any case, most of those things are so dead simple you? can figure out how to use them in a few seconds.

    -Ben Wojdyla

  45. Danny Khoo says:

    my? neck!!!!!!!!