How to Negotiate a Car Price

Negotiating a car price is a subtle art that requires a mix of politeness, understanding, and concrete reasoning. Get the best price on your next vehicle by …
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Used-car pricing is commonly between 00 and 00 at used-car lots, and more than 00 from a dealership due to financing terms; learn more from this …


  1. 5gorgeous says:


  2. I totally agree. Be polite and courteous but don’t show too much emotion
    because it conveys to the sales staff that you might be en emotional buyer
    as opposed to a bottom line buyer. The more you talk the more you end up
    losing in this game. If you’re ready to walk away from a deal then do it;
    don’t sit there and wait for the sales manager to give in.?

  3. jazzdude904 says:

    This is really a great video. As a salesman, when I like the customer I am
    dealing with, I tend to fight for them more than a customer that I am not
    fond of.

  4. chuvasc0 . says:


  5. Dennis McBride says:

    Talking directly to the sales manager is not the best way to go. If you
    think it is, then you will just accept the number he throws at you as the
    “best deal”. The manager doesn’t really care if THAT customer buys the car
    or not. The SALESMAN is the person who wants the car to sell. The salesman
    will work the sales manager. Some of the biggest grosses made, have been
    made off of the manager selling the car. The best deal will come through
    the salesman who needs the sale.

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