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  1. Gatsby Ferris says:

    usually credit unions offer rates as low? as 1.29-2.99 really cheap.

  2. mash101a says:

    I’ve told the sales person as he was trying to play the number game I just said, “look go talk to whom ever you want but when you get back n if your boss does not give you the number I’m thinking of then I’m going to leave, I do not want to sit in traffic…” he came back and I walked out with a new car.?

  3. Edmundsvideo says:

    Sometimes, you can find better interest rates through your own bank, credit union or outside financing source.? You can shop around to find the best rates!

  4. Ryan Wanciak says:

    Why do? you say to finance through a bank opposed to through the dealer?

  5. CarlineNegotiator says:

    Decent overall advice! If you have the fortitude, time and interest to go toe? to toe with the dealers, do it. There are some gaps of info on the new car side. TMV is ok, but you can do better. If you would rather let someone else handle it while still explaining every step, try something like Carline negotiator

  6. Shahul Usman says:

    Being realistic is important.. Look at the Tmv and go from there. It can be higher or lower or just right.. Don’t look at the Tmv and then? go ask for $2000 less than that

  7. unemp1oyed says:

    Being in sales myself I would say that negotiating would have been a useful skill before internet shopping came around. Now days prices are so competitive that the sales dept is hardly making any money anyway.

    I employ these? methods but I would probably finance at the dealer as they often have better rates than the bank.

  8. javierlong says:

    Here is what I do:

    1. Find the exact model (example 2012 white Honda civic LX 4 door).
    2. Search the internet for Dealers with the pricing
    3. find TMV and Invoice for the car you looking
    5. Go Online find the dealers near? you and asking for a quote
    for a out the door cost of your vehicle after license and fees.
    6. Compare and choose the lowest price. Only talk to internet manager.
    7. Print the email with the quote and price and test drive
    8. Be ready to walk away if they don’t honor the price.

  9. Years ago My friend was getting his mom a new versa. We while we waited we looked at the new GTR and curiously asked the prize. They told us to much for us to handle. My friend got pissed got on fake phone call with his dad and started saying stuff like “Did you sell the Ferrari yet dad because I really want this GTR”? suddenly the sales men wanted him to test drive, gave us drinks and after my buddy test drove it he sayd “I really like but you told me this cars to much for me to handle “

  10. Illmatic662 says:

    Internet sales is EASILY a better idea. This? guy is right 100%.

  11. Nathan Kendall says:

    I even showed him my insurance information and drivers license. It wasn’t one of those things where the car I was looking at was outrageously expensive either. To be honest, it was a 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis that was listed for $16,500. I know, not typically? something a 16-year-old would drive, but I personally like those cars so don’t judge. lol

  12. kia fanatic says:

    The car dealer was obviously judging u because ur young… wut ?? Like young drivers don’t? exist or cant afford a new car. The dealer must of been a duchebag..

  13. Nathan Kendall says:

    Something I think is a little insane is the fact that, being that I’m rather young? at age 16, the car salesman won’t even look at me. I went to a dealer with my parents to look at a car, asked if I could drive the car, he said no. So I told my parent’s I was no longer interested in the car and so we left. I thought it was rather humorous when we were walking to the car to leave and the salesman went chasing us to try to make a deal. lol

  14. MrSaamman says:

    Bought my 1 owner? e30 for $500, I didn’t negoitate because it was cheap

  15. Jeremy Wong says:

    the greatest? negotiating guy i know is Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers, he can negotiate like nobody!

  16. This is a huge misconception that most people have. Some trades you do? make all the money but most have on avg $2700. Even so I mean its a business do you care how much Walmart makes off you on electronics.

  17. SeadGBosnia says:

    I went to a local Fiat dealership to try and get? a Fiat sport for 19k. The salesman wanted 450-500 per month for 72 months. That’s over 32k in 6 years. I kept on arguing him telling him that I bought my Civic for 18k and had payments around 260 for 60 months. And he kept telling I’m wrong. So basically I left and the Manager called me back the next day and asked for my business again. I said “I don’t want a Fiat any more I’m gonna get a Honda”. I hate sales men that give the “runaround”.

  18. davewhodavedunn says:

    I did not suck at selling cars at all. I was a top sales rep. I got tired of lying to ppl and playing number games. Trying to sell ppl cars they couldn’t afford for 7-8 years.? I got tired of trying to cover up imperfections on the cars like dents etc. tired of selling cars I knew were unreliable. If you guys trust a car sales man than you are the idoits. Most of them are ex criminals. True story.

  19. William Neumann says:

    If you are taking out a loan, getting pre-approved by a lending organization for a specific amount is also a powerful? tool for negotiaing the price of a car because if the dealer wants your business, they must agree to an amount within the pre-approved amount.

  20. felix matos says:

    Maybe you sucked at it and they fired you!?

  21. Mrchevy baja says:

    Car dearlerships created the rep they? have.

  22. Edwin Chung says:

    It’s probably not a good idea to finance through the dealer, they get a cut of the rate from the bank. You can often get better rates on your own. Some dealers may offer bigger discounts off the price if you finance through them, sometimes you can take their finance, and either pay off the? car or refinance somewhere else at a lower rate.

  23. Edwin Chung says:

    You often get better prices with private? sellers, and typically be dealing with more reasonable people to negotiate with.

  24. dickcheese663 says:

    move quick and confident…salesman have way more other people to sell to, just tell them your price and vamanos guey!!! ?

  25. mikeisawsm says:

    obviously thats why they have to get them for so? low. the car companies have to make something on them