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Selling used cars online requires providing a slew of photographs of the vehicles, placing competitive prices on them and responding quickly to any inquiries from potential customers. Sell cars online with help from the marketing manager of a car dealership in this free video on selling cars. Expert: Josh Barbour Contact: Bio: Josh Barbour is the sales and marketing manager for Capital Ford Lincoln Mercury of Wilmington, NC Filmmaker: Rendered Communications
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. HowToPaintYourCar says:

    cool bro!?

  2. yOungchase100grand says:


  3. HowToPaintYourCar says:

    @lam5102 @lam5102 Why did you buy it with? all the problems? I think they are great cars.

  4. HowToPaintYourCar says:

    Why did you buy it with all the problems? I think they are great? cars.

  5. Hey tiny had bough a 545i before too 108k
    For 13.3k and the car is horrible oil leak coolant leak air? bags light on battery die tires
    I end up spending near 3k on parts didn’t make profit just beak even. Tell me what you think about 545

  6. atomrocketcar says:

    omg i just was? watching star trek no bs, em it was the game
    it had young ashley judd in it (cute)
    yea mazda 3 looks good, i had a mazda 323 before, killer gas milage, slow as hell, great reliability

  7. USSVoyager5 says:

    I now like the 2008 Mazda 3 S Sport.? BMWs are ugly cars, i like? more Mazda Honda Volkswagen and Mini.

  8. atomrocketcar says:

    i h8t bmws too, but luv mercedes, but hate ford and american cars, not all of em but most of em, i mean, i can? find flaws, serious flaws in em cars, one example, i cant see out of the back out of chevy cobalt, the car is slanted in a way to i have no way of backing up, thats crap

  9. HowToPaintYourCar says:

    haha, never fall? in love!

  10. nissan silvia

    <3 Nissan Slidia :p haha

    I'm curious what stuff this guy has to say for buying? and selling,, I'm decent at hustling and working my assets. But I don't see a practical way to make profits by flippin cars around :/

    idk I'm curious though

    I guess I get too attached to my special babie too much to sell her :p haha

  11. USSVoyager5 says:

    i hate BMWs. I like the? 2012 Ford Focus S more.

  12. HowToPaintYourCar says:

    Where are? you from UK? lol….

  13. jacobsczgmail says:

    I cannot understand how people can? drove on the right side of the road.Huh it was awesome frightening.Lov’it

  14. nice?

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