Fiat Panda 4×4 vs Range Rover

5th gear – Fiat Panda 4×4 vs Range Rover


  1. panda is ok, but it’s not a car for real hard terrain?

  2. THEODORIEUS says:

    Tata Safari isnt? reliable….

  3. MickR0sco says:

    It isn’t proper 4wd -.-. It can? send power to wheels. It can’t lock diffs, use proper off road TCS or ABS, and it CAN NOT do a bigger incline/decline than a Range Rover.

  4. TheVisualBureau says:

    What is the song at 0:44 (funny jump and VFX a second? before) and 2:25. Funky!

  5. Michael Tomsett-Ell says:

    Why are they comparing the Range to a Panda? Why not compare it to something more comparable like a Suzuki? The Range can only really be prepared to a Land Cruiser, these “compare the best to? the underdog and make a point” are getting annoying. Make a real video comparing two vehicles that can actually be compared.

  6. camouflagecamaro99 says:

    LOL I just? realized I have the same range rover toy

  7. helgason13 says:

    This must be? a joke… Ur comparing a fiat panda to a range rover!?!?! Omfg wat has this? world come to?

  8. sanitydistortion says:

    1:32 FUKKIN? LOLD!

  9. HerpesLTR01 says:

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  10. TennVol92 says:


  11. xpaullywogx says:

    it’s gonna be more use on? a tight trail than any range rover!

  12. hjzzawtefyov says:

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  13. rlly, haha?

  14. xpaullywogx says:

    i? would

  15. hardcoremedic jointhepit says:

    half of the alp people who can’t afford? a big gasguzler….

  16. who? the hell would ever drive a panda

  17. hakeemsofly says:

    come on panda come on? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. weenieburgers says:

    they want? to be TopGear soo bad!

  19. AdamTheMan1993 says:

    Delphi not GM, Delphi are one of Ferrari’s? big partnerships since 1994

  20. And? thus why everyone uses Toyota Hilux pick ups to go anywhere.

  21. mahballzrhari says:

    land rovers are probably the most able mass manufactured off roaders.
    but, reliability is invaluable in off roaders especially when you’re in places cut off from civilization. Infact, reliability should be tied with off roading capability as an equally important attribute.this is? here toyota excels not to mention, they’re slightly cheaper too.

  22. We’re proud of their ability, not so much their reliability.

    I’d be the? first one to say that Land Rovers aren’t the most reliable, but I’d definitely be the first one to say they’re some of the most able off-road vehicles.

  23. bradykoopman says:

    Put those two against an? American vehicle.

  24. Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

    so funny at? 2:21