Disbarred Kentucky lawyers follow varied paths

Disbarred Kentucky lawyers follow varied paths
One disbarred attorney teaches part time at the University of Louisville, while another sold used cars for a while. A third has built a legal-publishing empire, while a fourth calls himself “The Legal Ghost” and writes briefs for licensed attorneys …
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The Vent / Metro
All that happened was that people got used to not having to work for a living. … Wanted to upgrade my wife's smartphone, but realized, in Atlanta, that would be putting a target on her back. … Sure wish all these electric green energy cars had a …
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Alex Haley's 1965 Playboy Interview with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Haley: As one who grew up in the economically comfortable, socially insulated environment of a middle-income home in Atlanta, can you recall when it was that you yourself first became painfully and personally aware of racial prejudice? …. Wherever …
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John Hailman's From Midnight to Guntown: Another Aberdeen Soap Opera
To be a big man in town, Franks decided to become a drug dealer since drug dealers had fine cars and plenty of money and women, while college graduates were something vague and far away and not quite real. To set himself up in the drug … A formal …
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