Cyprus: Man suffers serious burns in clashes

Cyprus: Man suffers serious burns in clashes
… a flare gun clashed with 400 Anorthosis Famagusta fans. Police used tear gas to break up the hour-long melee late Friday outside the Anorthosis stadium. Some eight officers suffered minor injuries and at least three cars belonging to fans were damaged.
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McDonnell aides deny resignation rumors are true
Aides to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell tell The Daily Caller that rumors the Republican is planning to resign as soon as Monday are simply not true. “The rumors are false,” spokesman Paul Shanks said in an email. The resignation claims have been …
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Aging NYC stickballers keeps street game alive
… with a twist: Instead of bats, hitters use broomsticks; instead of baseballs, pink rubber balls; instead of three strikes, each batter gets just one swing to hit the ball off the bounce; and instead of a baseball diamond, the field is determined by …
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In the night, train brings grief to Quebec town
But it is fact that an unmanned Montreal, Maine and Atlantic freight train with 72 cars carrying shale oil turned into a runaway death machine – rolling away from its overnight parking spot, barreling for miles down an incline in the dark of night …
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