Cuban Gynecologist: Local Car Commercial

This TDM Auto ad was produced as part of our I Love Local Commercials Series sponsored by MicroBilt ( ) — Nominate your favorite local business for a FREE local commercial at Watch all of our RhettandLinKommercials and see who’s been nominated! http — Pre-qualify for financing right NOW at: — Thanks to Rudy “The Cuban Gynecologist” and the rest of the guys at TDM for being such great sports. Help the guys at TDM out by referring a friend in the High Point NC area, or drop by the lot yourself and meet Rudy! Be sure to watch the “Making Of” video Thanks to Chris Daniel ( for running camera and Dan Settembrini ( for assisting in production! Follow us on Twitter:

Someone made this commercial in Maryland back in the 80’s. Before YouTube, we actually copied stupid videos like this onto VHS tapes and traded them around. We were idiots.


  1. So this guy went from being a doctor? to a clown?

  2. MrSkeletonMan1 says:

    I want to freedomize? the Fordehplorer

  3. MrSkeletonMan1 says:

    I want to? feed okie t

  4. MrInvincible99 says:

    SHUT UP? AND TAKE MY MONEY! The guard dog part was the best.

  5. Aniello De Stefano says:

    0:15 best? part

  6. ????????? ????????? says:


  7. Topflightcreg says:

    People with? bad credit driving everywhere!

  8. Scott Turner says:


  9. TheSnowman44077 says:

    I just watched a commercial before I could watch a? commercial. FML

  10. ????????? ????????? says:


  11. Sid69Vicious says:

    Hahaha? I love the bit about the guarddog! =’D

  12. ????? ?????????? says:


  13. @ObeyStag13 ditto?

  14. ObeyStag13 says:

    I’m Cuban. Lul. This is? funny.

  15. 1800simon1800 says:

    “What do? we? have? We have CAR!” Just one.

  16. From snatches to hatchbacks, twats to transmissions and cunts to? corollas I WANNA SELL YOU THIS CAR!

  17. musefanatic36 says:

    Yo? dawg…

  18. I? had to watch an advertisement before I could watch an advertisement.

  19. Shut the fuck up no one? cares

  20. BossCaptain1988 says:

    Like if HON reddit brought you? here ..

  21. Bad Credit? Revolution!!

  22. Carlo Hensgens says:

    Wat? een baas ; d

  23. He? is more qualified to work on cars and sell them than mechanics and salesmen at new car dealers.

  24. TheMaXimumVenom says:

    TDN AUTO SELL. WE HAVE CAR,MOTORBIKE,and no gawd dog. Sombody stole. I an cuban gynolcolgy and american auto sexman?

  25. Ana MarĂ­a Villota says:

    Rheet and? link have bad credit?

  26. Adam Iommazzo says:

    I was literally crying and? I’m about to piss myself!!!

  27. John Brown says:

    You heard us right, SHOVE IT UP YOUR UGLY? ASS!

  28. John Brown says:

    No, I? wanted to try, but it did NOT go well…

  29. gamepickerr says:

    looks like im? buying a car today

  30. UnsaneMedia says:

    Check out our channel we animated this commercial, not a total waste? of time GUARANTEED!!

  31. Thumbs up if ray? dident send you

  32. SnazzySki98 says:

    “It is to our belief? that u r such a stupid motherfucker that u will fall for the bullshit *swirls caption onto screen* GUARANTEED.”

  33. ashtonhackedyourlife says:


  34. TurboshadowXD says:

    shit just got funnier with? automatic captions

  35. Zen Kitteh says:

    lolz? hard

  36. Justin Humenik says:

    The greatest way to start a commercial LMAFO?

  37. Aww, your? an asshole… Nice.

  38. IamAnthonological says:

    I’m the best challenge? pisser anywhere.

  39. F3ARL3SSPANDA says:

    at 1:02 you can see? the troll face in the backround!

  40. RuslanCodeLyoko says:

    LOL.? And THAT was on TV?

  41. VVhYfr4gsT says:

    the one,who makes the lyrics for this get a free Piss? Challenge with me :’D

  42. guy0you0dont0know10 says:

    Ray? sent me here

  43. Superanimals100 says:

    like if ray sent? you here

  44. Lelouch Lamoureux says:

    I bought my car from here.. they some lie’ing assholes!! it didn’t breakdown at all =(?

  45. guy0you0dont0know10 says:

    Well rip your nuts off?

  46. TurboshadowXD says:

    made? my day

  47. Ladderthief1 says:

    I’ve watched this 7? times today. It has earned a spot in my ‘Center of YouTube’ playlist.

  48. John Ramoudi says:


  49. Nick Henrich says:

    And it better? but bounce or you’re a dead mother fucker