Cash For Cars in Phoenix AZ – (602) 492-9099

Get cash for cars in Phoenix, AZ! Free online quote – – (602) 492-9099 Sell Us Your Car Online is the fastest and easiest way to put cash in your pocket. Get a FREE instant quote and learn how to sell your car with no fees, free towing service and one huge payout! Get top dollar and cash for your Phoenix car today. Contact Us Sell Us Your Car Online 2240 S. 35th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009 Phone: (602) 492-9099 We pay cash for cars running or not. So if you have an old car, broken car or used car in need of expensive repairs, we will make you a top dollar offer and pay cash on the spot for your car or truck. Sell Us Your Car Online is an auto salvage company and auto recycler in Phoenix, Arizona who specialize in dismantling cars and trucks into useful used auto parts that consumers can purchase at an affordable price. Recycling auto parts that would otherwise end up in a junk yard is not only important to the environment but also extend the life of vehicles for drivers who cannot afford to purchase a newer vehicle. In a difficult economy, receiving cash for cars is a win-win scenario for both the seller of the vehicle but also the consumer buying used auto parts recycled from the junk car. In order to receive cash for cars in Phoenix and Maricopa County, you must have a clear AZ title (no liens or loans) on the vehicle you intend to sell. If you have a clear title, simply go to, click on the “Quote” button and submit your


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