14 Relaunches With a New Look and an Increased Opportunity for Savings

Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

Keep it simple. Keep it clean. That’s the new philosophy behind the re-launch of the popular car insurance quote website’s success.

Consumers have a hard enough time searching through Google or finding sources for a place where they can complete their research without having to stress even more about complicated processes and forms. Now when visitors launch, the message and the mission couldn’t be more clear:

Find the best deals with reputable insurance companies nationwide in three simple steps.

No obligations, no sales agents, no problem.

Drivers who haven’t shopped around for a new plan in 2 years or more often have an opportunity to save anywhere from 60-75% annually due to new insurance rules and personal factors that affect their insurance rates.

Other drivers who are more frugal and up to date with their insurance plans still can experience cheaper insurance quotes that lead to a savings on average of 30% just by entering their zip code into the sites home page.

The secret to savings is simple; an easy to use interface along with strong partnerships with leading insurance companies in the industry who have expressed a commitment to offering up promotions and discounts through the sites listings.

How does it work?

Visitors can get free no-obligation quotes in three easy steps:

1. Visit the website at and enter their zip code.

2. Select any number of insurance providers from the location based listings that suits their needs.

3. Apply online for quotes based on the drivers details and save up to 70%.


Online for over a year now, the company connects consumers to a range of local and national insurance companies that provide discounts through their listings to help them save on car insurance. Continually revising their offers and discounts as well as adding new providers to keep their results at a high success rate of savings has led to them become one of the leading websites across the US for auto insurance quotes.

To try out their free service today, visit