Auto Dealer Fraud… Its Everywhere

Auto Dealer Fraud... Its Everywhere

It’s time for consumers to fight back when scammed by used car dealers.Tell us your story about auto dealer fraud. We investigatve. Stand up against car deal…

Some steps on what you can do to Start your own car biz.
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  1. ReaLifeVideos420 says:

    :13 hot as fuck!?

  2. wait how is her credit blown, he is the one who bought it then resold it,
    isnt he on the hook?

  3. omg i would love to cock her good. damn… :013?

  4. rottenrowdie says:

    Do not sign anything unless you read it.the biggest car dealer scam is
    hiding extended warranties and gap insurance in your contract. You get
    exited about buying a car and you will sign anything,and those crooks know
    it. The sales man will tell you that all those extras are included. Duh ya
    because you just paid $1500 for them.?

  5. LOL FUCKTHIS says:

    2:00 parked in a disabled spot?

  6. The girl at the beginning is freaking hot and I would also say BBB women as
    well. These scams are horrible just watch out for yourself and TRUST NO
    ONE. ?

  7. TheStingerCode says:

    People, check the dealer ratings online. Ask your friends who they used and
    would they use them again. Check the ratings of the sales people. Is every
    customer going to be satisfied? No but not every customer is going to be
    upset. Are you surprised some car lot did this? A reputable dealership can
    be found. Stop letting these videos scare you or trick you into buying
    their book on how not be scammed?

  8. mychoclabwinston says:

    Ask for the money to paid up front, it’s not that hard?

  9. superpeluso1 says:

    She is hot ?

  10. MsOnawhim12 says:

    I’d never trade in my car, whether it were paid off or not. You get more
    by selling it yourself. ?

  11. Crimson tiger says:

    san deigo dealers are bullshitters. alot of other places are too ?

  12. John Mattes says:

    Yes consumers have no idea how crooked the process can be?

  13. It’s a mistake ONLY when you get caught. LOL?

  14. AllNatural1625 says:

    Why would the dealership do this? they cant even sell the car without the
    title… If they never pay the car off, then the bank will not send them
    the title. Idk what the titling laws are in other states, but in
    Massachusetts this wouldn’t even be an issue

  15. Because its a “quick flip”. Theyre hoping to get the car sold as quick as
    possible to recoup their initial investment. Theyre also overpricing the
    upside down on the car you drove away with. Its all to make a quick buck
    before theyre defaulted on by most consumers. LOADS of people never get
    past the 3 or 4th year of most ownership. I buy all my cars from people
    now…not dealerships. Whoever said “Buyer beware!” must have been bleeding
    from the asshole.

  16. Thes probably one of them cars they never intend to sale. Weird how they
    have newer cars on the lot & they put the audi right at the entrance where
    someone can smack into it. Like a careless teen whos parents are buying
    them a car. WHEM right into it then its totalled. Maybe thats what they
    were hoping for!

  17. patrick johnson says:

    Who the hell would buy a car from a store that looks like a hot dog stand?

  18. Fucking bastards

  19. Steve Kruger says:

    girl at :13 looking smoking and these scams are a shame

  20. jaylenlashawn says:

    They never plan to sell the cars. They know if a person can’t sell their
    current car, then they won’t buy a new one. If the dealer makes you think
    that they paid your car off, you buy one from them. Then they sell you
    their car & make money off of that & did spend any money on the Audi,
    because they didn’t pay it off.

  21. Steven Kujala says:

    could’ve sued the dealership for mucho money

  22. That’s why you get them give you a check right then and there and don’t
    assume that anyone will just take care of it.

  23. John, where are the new videos!? I can’t get enough of your investigative

  24. Pius Joseph says:

    One loan not being paid could be an oversight. Many unpaid loans could
    indicate something else. Sometimes it’s amazing at how quickly some matters
    are resolved once the media becomes involved.

  25. lisalisa1022100 says:

    They were trying to sell the car and hadn’t paid it off! Bastards!

  26. oldskool funk says:

    Great Video Jr Nav. Im in San Diego and I flip cars with out a dealers
    license. I want to get my license ASAP any tips can we discuss the process
    over the phone or meet up possibly? I will pay you for your time and lunch
    or even split deals with you. Let me know please I just need a coach to
    walk me through a lil bit. i fix all the cars my self also. thanks for
    putting this video out Jr.?

  27. Deedee Jones says:

    I am looking into becoming a dealer, I would like to share a lot with
    someone, is that common and how easy or complicated could paperwork be to
    partner with another dealer??

  28. david henriquez says:

    why did you drop the car busines?

  29. Nathan Ruiz says:

    Hey Jr Nav i sure would appreciate it if you could enail me at
    I have a couple of questions relating to your supportive video.?

  30. Can you make a video about “flooring”& buy here pay here if you don’t mind?
    and why you left the business. I would appreciate it a lot.?

  31. cliff foster says:

    Just out of curiosity, could I give you my email. I’m trying to get some
    pointers on some stuff I’ll even pay if you need me to. I thinking about
    getting into the business and I need advice from someone like you who’s
    been there? If so can you email me at

  32. appreciate the video.

  33. bigballer555 says:

    hey bro if you could hit me up on looking into making
    the same move and have a few questions i wanted to ask. preciate it

  34. Used to own used dealer. unfortunately I cant say I know anything about new
    car dealers.

  35. mark ronaldo says:

    damn bro you are on point Im starting up and your video is gonna help me
    out .. good luck. if you have time I would like to contact you for some
    info at,

  36. RollingEight says:

    do you own a new or used car dealership? used im guessing, know anything
    about new car dealerships?