Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

From the New York Times bestselling author of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES comes the true history of our sixteenth president – Seth Grahame-Smith’s ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER. For more, www.hachettebookgroup.com

Land Rover 60 Final
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  3. ARE YOU SERIOUS LOL…. my landy has done 230,000 miles and it starts every morning without fail and its not rotten or broken. Anything thats “JAP CRAP” is what it is CRAP!!! the only land rovers that aren’t good are those puma things. ive taken my county to devils pit offroad and it pissed shit on those little plastic pratmobiles…. A TD5, 300tdi and even a 200tdi would piss on that thing, when your stuck in snow dont expect a landy owner to pull you? out after that comment LOL….

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  5. Rafael Oreiro says:

    … nothing against american cars in fact usualy are quite comfortables however are normaly developed for diferent objectives and to be used in diferent places … thats precisely why the american cars have powerfull engines on the other hand try to imagine to maintain a 4×4 like the Wrangler equiped with 2.5 or the new 4.0 in the middle of nowhere? (Africa and Asia) with low maintenace if land rovers wherent good then why more than 60% of the armies use it for more than 60 years

  6. dylankate1 says:

    i dont like tata but? i will make an exception

  7. Nicholas Arruda says:

    personally i think land rovers arent very good quality and dont last and preform? well. i personally recommend the 2011 GMC yukon XL

  8. Piranhaboy01 says:

    those people who have only seen a land rover are going to be so disappointed with having their hopes built up when they reach civilization.? everything else is gonna suck haha

  9. DirtyDiesel100 says:

    The best 4X4 ever showed? many people of the world that cars existed one day will be British again I hope.

  10. Kev Chambers says:

    keep it in mind? and you wil !! regards kev

  11. Kev Chambers says:

    shame we sold landy should be in house top bit of kit if i could afford i would purchase and build the 101 again lpg strd of course!! awsome bit of kit massive respect to landys and all owners and soon to be owners sorry? had a beer love landys !!! please dont slag me oh go on if you must i will reply !!

  12. Kev Chambers says:

    to right buddy? hope its ok calling you that !! i hope to be taken to the grave in my landy regards kev

  13. Too sad it’s? a history now… Modern LRs suck big time…

  14. Nice video?

  15. MrPistol999 says:


  16. sigh…. it only takes a 10second google? search en.wikipedia org/wiki/Four-wheel_drive#History

  17. ZeelivePvP says:

    Yeah Together to the top :D! -? Come help me out :D!

  18. I Did? For A Year Then I Got Stupid Withy 151 Rum And Fliped It..Trust Mee The Worst Day Off My Life

  19. BabyShowerStuffcom says:

    I’d love? to have a Land Rover!

  20. GarnetArianaiz245 says:

    hiya guckt mich an bin ein elch?

  21. sooo what? LR has done a better job!?

  22. Land Rover:
    -Environmentally friendly car.? (All parts are reused, and even broken!)
    -Sustainable. (80% of all Land Rover as building block is still in use)
    -Values ??most famous off-road car.
    Today, Land Rover turns 65. I think that should be celebrated!
    please send forward this to other Land Rover movies!

  23. rossjames120 says:

    thank you for sharing?

  24. jontigtree says:

    My td5 even ran? on petrol when it was missfueled. I don’t know any other cars that can do this

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