29 Used Car Buying Tips from a Pro I buy cars for a living and have for most of the last 25 years. Here are 29 little tips that I would give my best friends or family members if they asked me how to pick out a great used car.
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  1. GTI1dasOriginal says:

    Maybe this upload was Take 29 before the “Pro” rmembered his? lines properly. 😉

  2. yupyup1562 says:

    Uh…29 tips? You should one.?

  3. Give me a car with some slight panel damage any day over a car with? neglected maintenance.

  4. I’m not mad, if I got? upset with every ignorant comment, and the net is full of people who think anonymity means they don’t need manners, I would be i a rage all the time. I just called you on a point of fact and manners. Again the point he was referring to tells you nothing about the quality of the car. AKA false info.

  5. u mad bro! haha relax, its just? the interweb lol

  6. How ignorant a person do you need to be to go around telling strangers to shut the fuck up? Manners really are a dying thing. So how is a new fender something to negotiate with? ?

  7. hey smart ass, u can? use those little details to ur advantage when negotiating so stfu 😉

  8. INumba1Stunna says:

    I was looking to buy a VW Jetta, an MK4 Jetta to be exact. That Jetta is the year range of 1999 – 2005 or something like that. But anyways I wanted to know if anyone’s owned this car and how their experience was with it. Like did the car give them lots of problems or did the car run pretty well? Or even if you’ve owned an MK4 VW Golf. I’m sure you’d be great help.

    All replies? welcome! Thanks. 🙂

  9. jaydee040 says:

    Like omg a fenders been replaced, what does that tell you about the car? Absolutely nothing. I know your trying to help people but get real, I can paint a fender, and that’s how I like doing them, off the car so it’s? smooth all the way around, as for fit that depends on after market and effort. I’ve seen people use cars rough and never need to replace a panel but I have seen people very fussy replace panels for very little. I wish people would stop focusing on little things.


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  12. kubotaman85 says:

    wheres the other 28? tips?

  13. slickkapone says:

    VERY TRUE, I have a ’94 Honda Accord with over 300,000 miles. It’s a 5 speed manual 4cyl., basic heat/ac, power windows, and that’s it. Car runs like a sewing machine, all you gotta do is keep the oil changed and take care of stuff like tires and brakes. It’s a no frills car, THAT’S WHY IT’S RELIABLE. I’m not saying you should buy a car that old, but keeping it simple will save you a TON of money. Love Honda/Acura, but beware? of the Acura TL 99-03, tranny failures everywhere

  14. Yeah,? I am wondering where the other 28 tips are too………..?

  15. raparator says:

    Remember, you should check every where in the car because it may contain drugs. Check your car good because in the enginee there might? have problems. When you buy a used car clean it the inside and outside. Its important check the tires, headlights, and brakes.

  16. federalwarhawk says:

    I have found if you are going to buy a high mileage vehicle, and reliability, cost is your main goal. avoid cars with any complexity like turbo and super chargers, 4 wheel drive systems, or excesive amounts of electrical gadgets like heated seats, power moonroofs, etc. thats what made cars like a Civic, Corolla such reliable cars, they have simple 4 cylinder motors? with minimal amount of luxury items to go wrong.

  17. heartlessvietboy says:

    NEVER BUY a used car without first having it professionally inspected. Even new cars require advice (which brand or engineering to buy). I know it’s difficult because not many people know mechanics to bring them along. You can ask the seller to go with you to a certified mechanic shop for a 150 Area inspection. Remember even a mechanic does? not know potential problems that can arise, however they can detect major fix problems that could save you thousands of dollars.

  18. heartlessvietboy says:

    If youre planning to fix the vehicle to drive, then its your choice. The last thing you want to do is buy a car that youll have to spend thousands on fixing. If youre planning to buy and sell the vehicle, you should still make sure its dependable. ?

  19. heartlessvietboy says:

    Here’s my advice. Make sure the used car you buy don’t fail? on you. Make sure you can register the car. Parking tickets, Smog, stolen car, etc. will prevent you from registering. If the vehicle is a clean title, make sure its not a salvage. A major frontal collision would mean the engine is not functioning as one Manufactured factory engine. Placement of parts are different. Overtime the entire system (engine and components) will fail. Have a mechanic come with you to inspect the vehicle.

  20. wheres the other 28 tips? :$?

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