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Used car prices hit lowest in four years

Used car prices hit lowest in four years
“Used car prices will likely continue to decline in the coming months simply because there will be more of these vehicles sitting on dealer lots.” That's the case in Northeast Florida, according to Bill Lynch, 2013 president of the Jacksonville …
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Remote-controlled helicopter smuggled goods into prison
Calhoun County Sheriff Josh Hilton said two men from Gwinnett County and two other people from DeKalb County traveled to a prison in southwest Georgia and used a remote-controlled helicopter to sneak tobacco to prisoners. A lieutenant from … "After …


AAcross USA Auto Transport Services Make Shipping a Car Across the Country Simple and Safe

(PRWEB) November 27, 2013

America has been a car-loving country ever since Henry Ford starting sending Model Ts down the assembly line. Millions of Americans spend time everyday in their cars to the point of a persons car can become like a second home. And thats why it is vital for so many drivers to take care of their car like they would their home. However, when it comes time to relocate, whether for a new job or going off to college or retiring, many people want to do anything they can to protect their automobiles from the wear and tear of the long haul. Enter AAcross USA, a family-owned car transport company that has grown a big reputation for great service and care for their customers looking to ship their car. AAcross USA is now shipping vehicles to any location in the USA including Hawaii.

Transporting cars through an auto transport service isnt a new idea. Car dealerships have been doing it for a long time for one, but lots of companies, government agencies and individuals are also taking advantage of the benefits of auto shipping. AAcross USA has grown over the past two decades from a small car transport company with a few accounts to a trusted brand in the business, with much of the growth due directly to repeat satisfied customers and word of mouth, the true mark of a company that is serious about delivering top service. Whether you need auto transport in California to New York or Maine to Hawaii, AAcross USA works with pre-screened carriers all across the country. They are licensed, bonded and insured with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating which will ease the mind of customers concerned about their beloved cars. But more directly, it is their service and business practices that attract individuals and businesses in need of transporting cars. AAcross USA has live consultants to speak to any time during business hours instead of a computerized phone system. They can provide customers with free auto transport quotes, or interested car owners can likewise get a free quote on their website:

And unlike many companies these days, AAcross USA will give clients a full refund if they can not transport a vehicle or if the client cancels for any reason before the auto transport is scheduled. Their high standards of service and professional integrity comes across most convincingly with the many testimonials on the website.

Securing car transport services is an important part of moving, not only for the convenience (because isnt moving difficult enough without worrying about the car?), but also for the longevity and maintenance of the car. AAcross USA uses both open and enclosed carriers for auto shipping. Anyone interested in more information about the services or free quotes can check out the website or call directly at 800-243-0066. Now if only the rest of relocating could be this convenient!

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No Down Payment Auto Insurance Plans Accessible to Drivers Online at Auto Company Website

Albany, New York (PRWEB) November 23, 2013

The need to buy insurance is one that many auto owners share and finding companies that will accept no down payment for a policy can be a challenge. The Auto Pros company has updated its existing insurer search tool online with no down payment auto insurance plans at These plans are offered for motor vehicle owners in any state in the U.S.

The exclusive use of this new no down payment system is expected to present the most options to a vehicle owner unable to pay for the full purchase price of a policy. While these rates are offered as budget policies, these do include state minimum protection and other types of coverage plans for drivers.

“Buying insurance with no money down is an option with some companies that are able to underwrite a policy for a person without performing a credit check,” a rep from the Auto Pros USA company said.

The updated research system that the Auto Pros company is now supplying to vehicle owners online includes ways that insurance can be sorted and compared. The rates data that is directly supplied through this system includes a vast number of insurers throughout the United States to extend comparison options for car owners.

“When a person can view multiple companies at the same time, the chances of connecting with a low rate or no down payment rate are higher,” the rep concluded.

The Auto Pros company has developed additional tools on the company website that are helping to eliminate any research by consumers when trying to locate different automotive services online. The services to find used auto parts and insurance are two of the latest programs that are available.

A new beta trial database platform is available for any vehicle owner who is not actively seeking a policy for insurance although could benefit from a warranty plan. This tool found at is now publicly available for research online.


The company has partnered with multiple United States insurance companies to provide quotations for policies and additional information for automotive consumers visiting the company website each day. This service is enacted as a secondary service apart from the used parts for sale that are quoted online using the programmed company search finder. The solutions for automotive consumers online are updated monthly as new developments in place to continue providing easy methods of researching retail parts, insurance or other auto services sold in the U.S.


Most popular Used Car Search auctions

Some recent used car search auctions on eBay:


Renowned Used Car Buyer Cash for Cars Quick Releases New Sell My Junk

Renowned Used Car Buyer Cash for Cars Quick Releases New Sell My Junk
America's favorite used car disposal service, Cash for Cars Quick comes forward with a new “sell my junk car San Diego” ad campaign to assist residents in selling their junk cars and trucks. The new ad displays how the local auto buyer purchases used …
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Cash for Cars Quick Service Launches Sell My Car in San Antonio Ad Campaign
The top automotive buying service, Cash for Cars Quick, recently released a new “sell my car in San Antonio” ad campaign in the city to facilitate vehicle owners in the process of selling used or junk cars and trucks. The marketing campaign hits …
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GM Engines Sale Announced for Used V6 and V8 Engines at Got Engines

Madison, Wisconsin (PRWEB) September 13, 2013

The General Motors company is known for its development and marketing for automotive engines in the global marketplace. The Got Engines company sells used motors online and is now announcing a GM engines sale for V6 and V8 units at

These units are part of the inventory that has been acquired to this year to expand the truck and SUV inventory offered. Chevrolet brands like the Silverado are now represented in the V6 and V8 series motors for sale online. These offerings include the GMC variants that are frequently shared across the GM family in North America.

“General Motors is the top automaker in the world and is known just as much for its contributions to the vehicle industry as it is for its engines quality,” a salesman for the Got Engines company said.

The V8 and V6 units that are now reduced for faster online sale have been selected for specific mileage counts. A standard used engine found online can easily exceed a high mileage point. A vehicle owner or mechanic seeking a lower mileage edition can benefit from the preowned condition engines now supplied online.

One incentive to go with the price changes now announced is the warranty policy for buyers. A new coverage arrangement has been created and is included for each sale processed by the Got Engines company. A limited policy with up to 24 months of parts and components coverage is offered alongside the price changes reported online.

“The search tools we’re now offering online give access to the sale pricing, warranty terms and shipment programs in place to help all engine buyers make smarter decisions when researching used engines,” the salesman included.

The reduced price GM engines for sale are part of the General Motors acquisitions undertaken this year. Units for the Chevrolet series in 4-cylinder builds were added in the spring of this year to expand the passenger car inventory that is now promoted to the public.


The company retails used engines from its website online and national distribution center in North America. This company provides Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Honda and other engine types for below retail prices. Developments to the company website have made the resource one of the largest on the secondary market. Engine pricing, shipping information and other incentives that are created as company policies for consumers can be researched online. All updates to the company search tools listed online take place daily to provide a complete resource.


Buying & Selling Cars : How to Find the Blue Book Value on a Car

Finding the Blue Book value on a car is easily done by going to, where users can search the exact make, model, condition and mileage of a vehicle. De…
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Eco-Friendly Parking App Officially Launches in iTunes, Google Play

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

Parqt, an app created by New York-based development company, officially launched this week in the iTunes and Google Play store. Parqt is a social, crowd-sourced application that enables users to locate vacant or soon to be vacant spots nearby, all while earning rewards for checking in and out of parking spaces.

We came up with the idea in June of 2012 while circling around Boston for an empty parking spot for almost half an hour this, plus the curiosity to guess the person who is walking back to their car to find a spot, inspired us to create Parqt, said Onur Erikoglu, co-founder of Parqt LLC.

Parqts unique automated system of sharing parking information via Bluetooth eliminates the need of user interaction by recognizing when their mobile devices Bluetooth is paired/unpaired to the cars Bluetooth. This seamless process also allows users to gain points every time they turn their engine on and off, which can be used to purchase gift cards, or to donate to charity.

Parqt could have a great potential to allow users to make an environmental impact with a single touch. With the joint effort of its users we believe Parqt can really help reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing the time people spend circling the block for parking spots, said Caglar Erikoglu co-founder of Parqt LLC.

The most valuable data while parking is to know when a driver is heading to their car and knowing if a spot just became available in the area. Before Parqt, drivers wouldnt know this without driving aimlessly until another car left a spot. This app displays a users parking status for other users, so they will know whos walking to their car, and when a space will be vacant. By linking an account with Facebook, users can create custom profiles and share their parking status with friends, once again helping eliminate the frustration of searching for a space. Users also, of course, can choose what to share in privacy settings.

Parqt is holding a city-wide event in Boston from November 9th to November 13th in which passersby will come across 4 vehicles with Parqts logo traveling during rush hours, and stopping during lunch time to hand out promotional items. During this time, there will also be a month-long contest in which users that have registered, and logged in, will be randomly selected to win The Dream Car Tour.

Parqt is available now in the iTunes and Google Play stores for free.


Onur and Caglar Erikoglu, founders of Parqt LLC, were born and raised in Turkey, and moved to the USA between 2005 and 2007 to study engineering and economics. Their passion for the environment, and problem solving, drew them to come up with the idea for Parqt inspired by an energy reduction company that would pay customers to turn off their electricity during peak times. This concept is similar to Parqt in the means of using what everyone already does — setting up a meter reminder and using that data by rewarding them to share it with everyone — small changes in daily activity make a big impact. Onur and Caglar are strongly passionate about creating a community where each drivers parking information is shared to decrease our carbon-footprint by incentivizing and not requiring any extra work on the drivers behalf. For more information, visit



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DealerRater Integrates Car Dealer Reviews into vAuto Genius Labs AutoVisor Product

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) April 08, 2013

DealerRater, the worlds premier car dealer review web site, today announced a partnership with vAuto to integrate DealerRater car dealer reviews into vAuto Genius Labs AutoVisor product, a dynamic vehicle validation tool. Through this partnership, more than 1 million car dealer reviews are integrated and easily accessible in the AutoVisor tool. The AutoVisor tool also integrates with other leading data sources including, CARFAX, and Kelley Blue Books These integrations make AutoVisor the only used vehicle sales tool that gives dealers and their customers greater confidence in every deal.

DealerRater remains committed to offering the dealer community the most innovative products and services in the reputation management and social media arenas, which is why we chose to integrate with such a market leader as vAuto, said Chip Grueter, DealerRater president. With this integration, AutoVisor reports now provide immediate access to the largest online resource of dealer reviews, which helps car buyers gain greater confidence that theyve found a dealer dedicated to quality customer service.

Powered by vAutos Live Market View technology, dealers can generate real-time AutoVisor reports with a single click when a customer indicates interest in a vehicle, either online or in the showroom. Each on-demand report details the cars condition/mileage, reviews and specifications; compares the car and its price with similar units in the market; and highlights customer reviews and testimonials about the dealership.

Auto dealers will be able to showcase three of their DealerRater reviews in an AutoVisor report, including a direct link to the dealers review page on

In addition to knowing theyve got the right car and the right price, todays consumers want to know theyre doing business with a good dealer, says Todd Kinzle, director of operations for vAuto Genius Labs. The AutoVisor integration with DealerRater provides the trusted customer reviews and testimonials that help dealer sales teams consistently and effectively echo the why buy with us? value proposition consumers look for online.

The DealerRater site receives a new review submitted every 55 seconds. With its unparalleled volume of dealer reviews now surpassing 1 million, 26 percent of all franchised dealers in the U.S. have embraced DealerRater and its award-winning Certified Dealer Program as a critical component of their online reputation management efforts. On average, and other web site pages that display DealerRater content or branding attract more than 3 million unique visitors per month.

For more information, visit, or call 800-266-9455.

About vAuto:

vAuto provides innovative technology, tools and business intelligence to help dealers improve their used vehicle department sales and profits. vAutos Provision? Suite offers premium products that guide used vehicle acquisition, appraisals, pricing, merchandising and transparent sales processes for dealers based on real-time supply-and-demand data in their markets. vAuto Genius Labs provides smart, simple and stand-alone solutions that address everyday used vehicle management challenges. Today, thousands of dealerships across the United States and Canada rely on vAutos industry-leading solutions. vAutos visionary founder Dale Pollak has just released Velocity Overdrive: The Road to Reinvention. The book is the third in his best-selling Velocity series, which guides dealers to greater success through the Velocity Method of Management. Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Oak Brook, IL, vAuto maintains a research and development center in Austin, TX, and the vAuto Genius Labs office in Longmont, CO. vAuto is a wholly owned subsidiary of AutoTrader Group. Additional information about vAuto is available at

About DealerRater:

DealerRater was founded in 2002 as the first car dealer review website worldwide. DealerRater is the worlds #1 online resource for anyone seeking trusted third-party information on automobile dealerships. DealerRater features nearly 40,000 U.S. and Canadian car dealers, 1 million consumer reviews and over 1 million cars for sale. DealerRater attracts more than 9.5 million consumers every year who visit the site to search for car dealerships, read reviews, write their own descriptive reviews, and find car deals all for free.

In addition, DealerRater offers qualified car dealers a Certified Dealer Program as a reputation management tool to help them grow their online presence and achieve higher SEO rankings across the Web. Today, nearly 4,700 dealers are members of the award-winning DealerRater? Certified Dealer Program. DealerRater is proud to have earned the #137 position on the 2012 Inc. 500 list, an exclusive ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. DealerRater was also the recent recipient of a Top Rated Reputation Management Award in the fourth annual DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction Awards. For more information, visit or call 800-266-9455.

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