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New Hampshire DWI Guy hires DUI Attorney Jason Dennis for Concord NH

Concord, New Hampshire (PRWEB) May 30, 2013

Liberty Legal Services PLLC, and Attorney Dan Hynes, the New Hampshire DWI GUY are proud to announce the hiring of a new Associate Attorney, Jason Dennis. Attorney Dennis will be handling Family law, criminal law, including DWI/DUI, and personal injury cases. Jason Dennis is a graduate of Indiana University Maurer School of Law, and is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the U.S. District Court. Jasons previous experience includes appellate work, civil litigation, and civil rights claims. Attorney Dennis is a member of the Concord Young Professionals Network, and the New Hampshire Bar Association New lawyers committee.

Jason will work primarily out of the Concord office at 10 Ferry St. #441, Concord, NH 03301, while Liberty Legal serves the entire state of New Hampshire with offices in Concord, Manchester, Hudson, and Portsmouth.

Attorney Dennis is already off to a great start as a trial attorney. On May 28, 2013, at Laconia District Court, he received a Not Guilty verdict after trial on a DWI 2nd offense case, which carried a minimum license loss of 3 years and mandatory jail time of 30 days if the client was found guilty of the driving while intoxicated charge. Liberty Legal Services strives on fighting the difficult cases and not just accepting pleas.

Attorney Hynes, the founder of Liberty Legal has litigated over 100 combined DWI cases at both the New Hampshire DMV (department of safety) and in Courts all throughout New Hampshire. Daniel Hynes has represented hundreds of drivers charged with DWI in just about every court throughout NH. Attorney Hynes has been recognized for his trial experience and success and has been selected as a top 40 under 40 Lawyer in New Hampshire two years in a row by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

For the past few years, Dan Hynes the New Hampshire DWI Guy has only represented clients charged with DUI offenses. He is presently the only lawyer in New Hampshire who only handles DWI cases.

Attorney Hynes is the author of three books on DWI: Drunk Driving, and Drugged Driving Defense. One version is for New Hampshire DWI Lawyers representing clients charged with DWI. Another is for New Hampshire clients charged with DWI, and the latest version is for drivers in Massachusetts charged with OUI.

Attorney Hynes is one of only a few lawyers throughout the State of New Hampshire with training as a field sobriety test instructor under NHTSA guidelines. This is the same class for police officers who train other officers on how to administer field sobriety tests. Daniel Hynes also has completed training as it relates to DWI drug detection – NHTSA /IACP Drug Evaluation.

Attorney Hynes is an owner of the Intoxilyzer 5000en, which is the same model of the breath test machine used all throughout the state. Having a reputation of devoting his practice to drunk driving defense, attorney Hynes is often recommended by other lawyers, and sometimes those in the court system.

Dan Hynes has dedicated his career to helping those accused of criminal offenses. He has never been a prosecutor and understands when clients come to him at one of the most difficult times in their life, they have the presumption of innocence, and he will put forth the best defense he can to obtain a Not Guilty verdict or obtain a favorable settlement.

Liberty Legal Services offers free consultations on criminal offenses, and charges contingency fees on most personal injury cases such as car accidents or motorcycle accidents. As a motorcycle rider, Attorney Hynes recognizes the dangers of those who like to enjoy the open road on a motorcycle.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence – DUI in New Hampshire, give one of the DWI lawyers at Liberty Legal Service a call to see how you can present the best defense. You can call 24/7 and same day appointments are often available.

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New Technology for Cars Features Remote Control Wheels That Generate Electricity and Light Up at the Touch of a Button

Marathon, FL (PRWEB) May 21, 2013

Good looking wheels now come with smarts. Virtually every facet of the automobile has improved over the years but the humble wheel has changed very little, save some chrome plating and a few inches here or there, but that is all about to change. What Intelligent Power & Light (iPL) (Formerly Automiq Power & Light, LLC) is out to prove is that the wheel can be as smart as it looks.

Meet the Intelligent Generator (or ‘IntelliGens’ TM as as the company calls it), a new series of Micro Generators that operate inside the center bore of a car wheel. The principle is simple enough, while the wheel is turning, the device is constantly generating power that is completely independent from the electrical system of the vehicle. The power is captured and stored in a rechargeable capacitor or battery for use when the wheel is not in motion. The generator is roughly the size of a plastic soda cap.

So what can this new technology do for the wheel? Being that it is independently powered, the circuitry can monitor and communicate with the vehicle (or outside device) through a wireless signal whether the vehicle is in motion or parked, even if the car battery has failed. That means tire pressure monitoring, GPS tracking, as well as new tire sensing technologies may soon have an independent source of wireless communication and power.

One of the first applications for the new technology promises to turn heads at night using a wireless remote to control the already popular Glo Ryder? Wheel Lights. Owners of the company say although the first Glo Ryder wheel lights were powered by a generator under the original patent, the generators available at the time were just not powerful enough for such a small application. The first production release of the wheel lights used AA batteries. It has taken several years to refine the generator technology to produce a powerful enough current to power the lighting circuitry at low RPM’s.

For those who have never heard of it, the ‘Glo Ryder’ uses a universal adapter to fit into the center bore of a car wheel and lights up the logo of the center cap as well as the entire wheel with a brilliant glow at night. Earlier this year, the Glo Ryder received a new remote control that allowed the user to turn the wheel lights on off or change colors whenever they desired. The next generation of Glo Ryder wheel lights promises to do away with changing the batteries altogether.

Now that wheels can be seen at night, we imagine there will be quite a few who will want to take advantage of the device whether it is the consumer wanting to show off their wheels, or product developers for the automotive industry. In fact, the owners of iPL say they have been approached by an advertising company interested in using their wheel lighting technology and have built prototypes that light up 15″ taxi wheels like billboards. The company has also been approached by a major international airport to light up the wheels of luggage carriers to make them more visible to other drivers on the tarmac at night.

Although it was primarily a device intended to showcase your wheels, iPL says a significant number of its customers have been purchasing the wheel lights to make their vehicle safer by making them more visible at night as they approach an intersection, this being primarily the BRP Spyder Can Am Roadster crowd as the front wheels easily mount the wheel lights. The owners of iPL said “We are happy to play a role in contributing to the development of the wheel whether it be by making drivers feel a little safer on the road or just making your ride a little more unique.”

The company says they hope to roll out the new remote controlled, self-generating, wheel light product starting with the ‘Glo Ryder 360’ Wheel Light by the end of 2013. The company will start taking pre-orders late summer of this year at Glo Ryder Wheel Lights were first introduced at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in 2005 and won several awards for best new product. Automiq Power & Light, LLC recently changed their name to Intelligent Power & Light, LLC. The company is located in South Florida.


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Is it Time to Buy a New Car That Gets Better MPG?
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Experts urge buyers to take precautions when buying used cars and trucks
So she was stunned when she got a panicked phone call three years ago from a friend saying the Jeep Ms. Ono bought a month earlier was being towed away by a bailiff. In hindsight, Ms. Ono says she had been suspicious of the tall, charming stranger who …
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Industrial And Commercial Hybrid & Pure Electric Vehicles Market Trends 2013 – 2023: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Drivers And Opportunities, Players

Albany, NY (PRWEB) May 25, 2013

Those selling components for electric vehicles and those wishing to make the vehicles themselves must seek where the majority of the money is spent and will be spent. That must lead them to industrial and commercial electric vehicles because today these represent 60% of the value of the electric vehicle market. Indeed, this sector is set to grow 4.2 times in the next decade. Industrial and commercial electric vehicles include heavy industrial vehicles, the term referring to heavy lifting, as with forklifts.

Then we have buses, trucks, taxis and the other light industrial and commercial vehicles. There are also a few work boats and commercial boats and one day there will be commercial electric aircraft but this is really a story about the burgeoning demand for off-road industrial vehicles and on-road commercial vehicles. In particular, industrial electric vehicles make industry more efficient and commercial electric vehicles reduce congestion. Both of them greatly reduce pollution and align closely with government objectives concerning industry and the environment, yet they minimally depend on subsidy, in contrast with some other electric vehicle types.

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This report covers the technical and market trends for industrial and commercial vehicles whether hybrid or pure electric, putting it in the context of electric vehicles overall and including the activities of a host of manufacturers of the vehicles and their components and even providing future technological development roadmaps.

The market for electric industrial vehicles is already large because, by law, forklifts have to be electric when used indoors. Little growth remains in this market but outdoors almost all earthmoving and lifting vehicles use the conventional internal combustion engine. That is about to change dramatically because hybrid electric versions reduce cost of ownership and exposure to price hikes with fossil fuels. Hybrids increasingly perform better as well, with more power from stationary, ability to supply electricity to other equipment and other benefits including less noise and pollution. On the other hand, airports, often government owned or funded, are under great pressure to finish converting their Ground Support Equipment GSE to pure electric versions both on and off the tarmac partly using federal grants.

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Yet another industrial trend is for use of electric vehicles to replace slow and often dangerous manual procedures. Sometimes a self-powered indoor crane replaces scaffolding. An electric stair climber replaces human effort and possible injury. On the other hand, sit-on floor cleaners in buildings, sit-on ice cleaners in ice rinks, outrider vehicles carried on trash collection trucks and a host of similar solutions speed processes and reduce injuries and costs.

Buses, trucks, taxis and the other light industrial and commercial vehicles are going electric for similar reasons but we must add the desire of national and local governments, who buy many of them, to go green, even where there is no payback. However, the size and growth of the industrial and commercial sector is less dependent on government funding and tax breaks than the more fragile market for electric cars, particularly pure electric ones. Excitingly, most of the electric vehicle technologies are changing and improving hugely and innovation often comes here before it is seen in the more publicised electric vehicle sectors such as cars.

Asynchronous traction motors were first widely used on forklifts: their benefits of longer life, less maintenance, low cost and freedom from magnet price hikes and heating problems are only later being seen in a few cars. Ultracapacitors otherwise known as supercapacitors permit very fast charging of buses whether by the new Level 3 charging stations or regenerative braking and they release huge surges of power when the bus is full and starting on a hill. Gas turbine range extenders have been on some buses for 12 years but they are only now being planned for cars. Fuel cells will be viable in fleets where the expensive hydrogen distribution is manageable – not for cars across the world. Energy harvesting shock absorbers about to hit the market will be very viable on buses and trucks where they can put up to 12 kW into the battery whereas such devices on cars will take longer to prove.

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Nevertheless, it is important to look at industrial and commercial electric vehicles as part of all electric vehicles out there – as we do – because it is increasingly true that one company will produce EVs for many end uses and even make key components. This achieves the product reliability and cost advantages that come from highest volume manufacture based on standardisation and shared research.

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