2006-2010 Honda Civic – AutoTrader Used Car Review

Whether you go for the thrifty hybrid, sporty SI or somewhere in between, the Civic is stylish, affordable and extremely reliable. Compare cars, read reviews and find deals at www.autotrader.com

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  1. Look up engine block cracks on this generation Civic. Honda is not recalling them and is not? offering to help owners either.

  2. AutoTrader says:

    Congrats? on your new car!

  3. how you liking it? just purchased an? 09′ civic ex-l picking it up tomorrow 🙂

  4. Laurencia7 says:

    u will love it! laugh at all the people hurting at the? pump.

  5. AZND3V1L4 says:

    My dads getting me? a 2008 Honda Civic Sedan LX..!

  6. KieferL337 says:

    I just? got a 2012 civic coupe lx yesterday, I’m 20yrs old and loving my fucking car!!

  7. michaelkoswara says:

    Amanda,? did anyone ever tell you you’re hot ?

  8. xSoothSayer11 says:

    Does the car come with this girl included? If so id get 10? 🙂

  9. thank you. I have a question. How do I? get the he a/c heater and stuff like that to turn off completely? I guess i can look at the manual.

  10. AutoTrader says:

    Congrats on your? new car!

  11. I am buying a 2009? civic Lx tomorrow and can’t wait

  12. AutoTrader says:

    The Lancer may not be a “strong” competitor based on comparative sales numbers, but it’s certainly a good alternative for people who want to stand out from the crowd. The Lancer is available with all-wheel drive, which is great for? those who regularly drive in bad weather. The Lancer Sportback has a rakish hatchback with extra style and more space for stuff.

  13. you forgot to mention the mitsubishi lancer as a strong competitor.?

  14. toweronepower says:

    The North American shape Honda civic looks shit compared to the shape the rest of? the world gets.

  15. s0nnyburnett says:

    These things hold their value a little too well. I wanted to buy a used one, costs a sizeable fraction of? a new one even for an 06.

  16. nice cheap car, nice hot girl.. great? vid (Y)

  17. GBraidi78 says:

    Nice? review and the girl is hot LOL!!

  18. i prefer all of them?

  19. TATARSTAN59500 says:

    i’m prefer amanda lol !?

  20. AutoTrader says:

    Tell? it again. 😉

  21. iTziLLUMY says:

    Cool story bro!?

  22. actually overtime the interior plastics does rattle.? ==

  23. Owned a new 2006 and now a? 2009 ….. no other compact car provides the quality, style and resale value that Civic does!! 🙂

  24. Revoli987 says:

    Nice? video